Resources for Writers

In my early days – and even now – I found it took a lot of leg work to figure out who to contact for services I needed to publish my book. I found it incredibly helpful when authors I followed hosted a resources page that held links to editors, cover artists, web designers, etc. In the spirit of paying-it-forward, here is a resource page of my own. [Note: I do all my own graphics stunts. Web design and cover art are done in-house]

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Kristin Thiel: kristin[at]kristinthiel[dot]com
Indigo Editing Book Bloggers to Read and Review Your (Finished) Works
While there are hundreds of bloggers out there this is my heavily curated list.

The Small Book Blog
Night Owl Reviews
BookSirens (a new service I’m testing out in 2019)

Books I Still Reference

Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird – you know that phrase, “shitty first draft” that is often used in reference to your initial draft (the one where you’re just getting words onto paper)? This is the woman who made it famous with this book, see page 21.

Stephen King’s On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft – After much foot dragging I eventually got around to reading this book this year. My delay was due to my bias on not wanting to read a ‘How To’ from a rich and famous writer. I do it my way and he can keep his arrogant interpretation to himself, thankyouverymuch. Welp, I’m glad I was wrong. The book was more like a sermon where I was shouting, “Amen!” every few pages. It’s encouragement and solidification of values you already know that have been put into an entertaining and welcoming construct.

Writing Fiction, A Guide to Narrative Craft
[Fifth Edition] by Janet Burroway – this is my college text and one I reference when I get stuck on the technical details at editing time. I mostly grab it as a reminder on how to slow scenes down without adding unnecessary text the reader stumbles over.