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    Rain! YAY!! The weather is finally changing here in Portland. We’d weathered under 90 degree days since May through to just last week, and as an adapted Northwesterner I have to shout: I’m so glad you come back rain!!! So glad indeed! :0) Now that fall is satisfactorily started outside my window I think it’s time we announce another web hunt!! The Halloween web hunt that is!! As you can tell I’m totally addicted to these – they offer FREE chances to read about books, discover new books, WIN books and from my sponsor basket win a $100 AMAZON GIFTCARD!!! WOOOOOT!!! Head on over to Night Owl Reviews Halloween Web…

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    Beautiful ruins of Dunnottar Castle in Scotland. Welcome to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch Monday post! Peruse the selection of blog topics below to learn a little more about the novel, its characters, whisk(e)y and the beautiful Isle of Skye. I’ll be adding new material to this page regularly so be sure to check back often. Sláinte! Blurb: The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, II. Posted here is a super short blurb from the sequel. The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, II. Posted here is the first chapter to the sequel. Kilts and Men. ‘Nuff said. ;0) Rowan MacLaoch. This post is appropriately named: Rowan the Cursed. In this post we dive…

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    I’ve been watching too much TV lately, with all those car commercials and Labor Day sales going on all I could think of to call our massive giveaway this weekend was ‘blowout’, because it’s gonna be a big one! Forged is taking the lead for the giveaway weekend starting today going through Sunday then joining it is The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Friday and going through Monday. Fun part? Forged has a new cover (!) and as an ebook, it’s officially a second edition (!!) – we made some minor conversation updates and a few changes to the dialog between Nate and Eva here and there. I know some…

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    Today we have a very special interview, it’s with book blogger and co-indie author Jennifer Garcia. Ms. Garcia is the author of the just released, My Mr. Manny. Please welcome Jennifer Garcia! *APPLAUSE* “Hello and welcome Ms. Garcia!” Becky says patting the plush leather chair next to her, beside the fire. “Please come, have a seat. Tea?” she says passing her a cup without waiting for her response. Garcia, a savvy Italian woman, long dark hair and stunning features, takes a seat and the proffered cup, “I’d love some, thank you.”   “Let’s get started here shall we? In an interview you gave awhile back, I read that you spent…

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    Once a year Chelsea Cain and I get together and help sponsor our favorite editing firm’s (Indigo Editing and Publication) annual Sledgehammer Writing Contest. This year is no different! (Do you like how I make it sound like Chelsea Cain and I are BFFs?? Really tho, we’ve never met, but I hear she writes real good [as in NYT Bestseller] and showed up at last Sledgehammer with a severed head. No joke on the severed head…) This year Indigo is at it again helping writers all over Portland (and now the WORLD!) break out of their writer’s block. Here’s the 411: 36 Hours6 Prompts1 Short Story$1,000s in Prizes August 17-18,…

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    Just a quick update folks! Over here at Author Becky Banks headquarters we’ve been working madly on two manuscripts at once. AKA – Becky’s about to lose her mind or accidentally have Rowan show up in futuristic US during an environmental scare…. Here’s the 411 – EPA Agent (to be getting a new name shortly!) got the thumbs up from the editor, it’s good, needs a few tweeks and more introspection but well on its way to publish later this year/early next. We’ll be holding naming contest for it in the coming months, plus getting its blurb up on the site and its very own page. (!!!) Stay tuned! Legend…

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    Why yes, that towel does say “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” And your point is? As you can see I’ve been working diligently on writing…. The temps in Portland swooned up to 100 degrees yesterday, so refuge was sought in the chilly mountain runoff called the Columbia River. AAAHHHHHH…. Today? Back to the grindstone. And sweat. Dribbling out from under my arms…. Which makes working on a Scottish novel set in wet-chilly-foggy Springtime Scotland hard. As I mentioned on Facebook today, no doubt this heat will infuse itself into my writing somehow, like: “Rowan, suddenly hot and sweaty from the blast of furnace heat, reaches back and pulls his shirt off.…

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    Portland’s Title Wave Used Bookstore. OK. I don’t mean to brag (read: all I’m about to do is brag) but here in Portland, Oregon we are blessed with a plethora of bookstores, both used and new. Sure we have a B&N and sometimes they have the books your looking for but they’re corporate so they stock their shelves according to a corporate plan, with little local flair. I’m talking about the Annie’s Blooms Books, the Second Glance Books, the Powell’s Bookstore, etc. All independently owned an operated. Powell’s spoils us the most though, the downtown store has layer after layer, story after story, room after room, filled with books. They…

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    This is what tearing apart a manuscript looks like. I use pink so it doesn’t look like it’s bleeding… much. #iamwriting Just a quick update to let y’all know that my latest manuscript is off at the editor as we speak! Beta review has already come back and I think… we’ve got another heart pounder!! *swoons* Right now we’ve begun the stage of, what shall we call this thing. No, for realz, what do we call this thing because EPA Agent just doesn’t have that ring. Once we have edits back we’ll start getting story blurbs up here and put the title to a vote!! I LOVE polls!! :0D Stay…