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    It’s back to work time! June 1st is the day I put my seat in my chair and get back to it after a full year of maternity leave! Yahoo! I’ve been spending the last few months dusting off my manuscripts, cracking my knuckles and doing fingertip exercises (and one, and two, and one, and two, and one…)  in preparation for the big day. I’ve also been noodling (read:thinking) about a fun back to work idea and that’s a big fat freebie of my very first book!! (I say this as if there’s soooo many the first one is a thousand books behind me. 😆) Starting June 1st get The…

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    Hello friends,I’ve missed you! I realized I didn’t send a proper adieu when I signed off sometime last century…knee deep in morning sickness I think I wandered out of my office to barf and didn’t return. Now I am back and with an extra one in my arms. Officially, I return from my maternity leave this June (2018) and I CAN’T WAIT!! Books have been mentally piling up while I’ve been on my year long sabbatical/maternity leave/time off. Mostly while knee deep in laundry, poopy diapers and Daniel Tiger episodes I “write” my next books. First for June: Finishing Legend II!! Next will be my new favorite: a showy software…

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    This weekend only, December 16-19, Serendipity of Fate is FREE on Amazon Kindle! We’ve just wrapped up our epic Holiday Blog Tour featuring Serendipity of Fate (congrats to the raffle winners: Melissa C.,Terry G.T., Audrey S., Debra H., Ally S., BTW!) and here at romance headquarters we felt we needed something MORE! Click here to go to Amazon now to get your Kindle copy! PS – be sure to share the love by spreading the word to your social media peeps too! Links to Facebook, Twitter and G+ are below!Happy Holidays!

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    I’ve just finished up photographing the prize packs for the Holiday Tour we’re doing for Serendipity of Fate. Our local shop, It’s All in the Dee-Tales donated over $300 worth of Margot Elena products to our shindig!! So now the tour is officially THE PLACE TO BE on December 1-15 so you can win some awesome!! Here’s the pics!(PS – it’s not pictured but each prize pack includes a free copy of the Serendipity of Fate ebook!)[12/04/16 Edit – I updated the prize descriptions so now there’s luscious words to go with the luscious images!] 1. Land of The Free – $67 valueBeautiful flag tote filled with Lollia’s new and…

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    For all of you Goodreads users out there we need your superb internet clicking skills! We currently are on the following Goodreads lists with Serendipity of Fate and need your help in voting it up the ladder on each of these lists to reach the top 10! To Vote: Click on the link below. Then, simply click on the tab that says “add books to this list,” and Serendipity of Fate (be sure it’s in your bookshelf first) should be at the top of the list. Simply click “Vote for this Book” and you’re finished! Each vote will help move the book up to higher on each list. Here are the links,…

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    Happy Veteran’s Day!! Thank you to all service men and women for your hard work and sacrifices! And to our armed forces personnel currently serving overseas (I’m thinking of you, my cousins!) we love you and be safe! Today is a momentous day here at Author Headquarters, it’s been several years since we published a new novel and today we end that dry spell epically! Welcome dear fans to Serendipity of Fate. Serendipity of Fate dives into the combative love story between two people who couldn’t be more opposite: a high powered design exec and a returning war veteran. Despite their differences their lives are intricately and irreversibly bound together…