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    View of Dunvegan Castle from the loch. Castle was the inspiration for Castle Laoch. I thought it might be fun today to paste a short excerpt of the sequel to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. I’m still working on the manuscript so this snippet isn’t edited, and um, if I get crazy with my Red Pen of Doom in the editing process this excerpt might come out. And um, it’s super short, so don’t get your hopes up too high and, um, can you tell I’m a touch nervous on posting unedited work? Okay here it is: Rowan says, breathing heavily, “I love you.” There, I hope you liked it!!!Just…

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    Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling is now open! WOOT!! For all of you who love a good internet scavenger hunt (and love free books!) sign-up today with the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt. Sign-up here to: “Find great authors and books in the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt! Read book blurbs and get entered to win awesome prize baskets!”

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    I love Spring. It is one of my favoritist times of the year, the weather is warming up, everything is saturated with moody sunlight and misting rain. Flowers pop and the moss glows bright green – here in Oregon, that’s everywhere, especially your roof. :0)For that reason I’m giving away the Forged ebook via Amazon today and tomorrow so that you can enjoy a little heat too where ever you are! And be sure to tell your peeps! Click here to download.

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    As some of you may know, Forged is a smutty, lovely, spine-tingly aggressive romance that involves a magazine editor (note the Vogue knock-off cover anyone??) and a high-end Euro-car mechanic. For today’s Forged Friday, we’re going to take another visual tour through the male of the species who are mechanics. Yeah, we’re gonna have some mechanic man-candy today! Cheers, and enjoy ~ This is Military Mechanic. He’s fixing a large rusty gear. Meet Sweat Pant Mechanic. Note awesome hood reflection on right. This is Old School Mechanic. Watch as he tightens the Titanic’s lug nuts. And… Jason Statham is The Mechanic.   Meet Lazy Mechanic. Too lazy to button his…

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    I love Spring. It is one of my favoritist times of the year, the weather is warming up, everything is saturated with moody sunlight and misting rain. Flowers pop and the moss glows bright green – here in Oregon, that’s everywhere, especially your roof. :0) For that reason I’m giving away the Forged ebook via Amazon this Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy!!

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    Image: via Since publishing my last two books I’ve been loathe to write anything on this blog about what I’m currently writing about (that seemed oddly circular…), since it is a touch like changes in the weather. You see, I’m a pantser-type writer, I write what comes to me. Luckily in the Indie book world that is acceptable (a traditional publisher would have cancelled my contract by now) so in one book I can write about lovers in Scotland with some paranormal action thrown in, and in the next a contemporary love action/thriller story that takes place in the US. Of course they all have one awesome thing in common…

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    [via] Lordy lordy it’s good to be alive! And healthy-ish. Just got over the plague. Seems like February is the breeding grounds for viruses and I got two. I catch a cold about once a year, but this year it seems that my time had come for contracting two illnesses back to back. Fun! So, what’s a girl to do when she’s on her back and can’t move? Well besides that… Yup, watch the shit out of some TV! Here’s my laundry list of shows & movies that I want to subject you to: BBC’s version of Emma Probably my favorite version of Emma. Four episodes and like all good…

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    V is for vajayjay. Today get some, for free. I really wish it was P-Day, because then it would be get some penis for free today since that’s pretty much what I’m serving in my novels. Large, hot, pulsating … plotlines. While I steer us back on course, and before I get slapped with an Adults Only Rating for my blog, let’s chat about free love. Today, in celebration of this glorious holiday of love, I’m giving away both ebooks The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and Forged via Amazon. So no matter where you are, what you’re doing (riding the bus on your way to the Vagina Monologues perhaps?) whether…

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    This past week had me sequestered to the living room couch illin’. The first couple days were ok, just the usual, “I feel like crap – just put me down like the lame horse I am. I can’t go on like this!” Meanwhile the husband rolls his eyes and buys soup and sets up my entertainment venue. But too tired to read/write/watch TV I just spent a lot of time in a pupae like stage huddled in my blankets, thinking. Doing lots and lots of thinking. It’s the beauty (drawback?) of colds, they lay you out and make you unable to do anything worthwhile save for plotting and planning. Like…