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    Synopsis….glug, glug, glug …. That is the sound of me drowning in my own dread. They’re long and hard (minds out of the gutter people!!) task to accomplish because I have to say everything that happens in the book in just a few short sentences. That’s 57 THOUSAND words condensed to 100. Remember the cover?? Only HARDER. Ideally this is my standard synopsis that I’d put on every one of my books:Hot man with troubled past runs into smart and sassy woman who shows him what it means to be loved. THEN for each book I’d add a qualifier to delineate each book like this:In this book however the man…

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    Been working on the edits to Serendipity of Fate (the NaNoWriMo entry we’re dusting up, read it here) and the last thing that needs to be updated is the cover. We used images from the Transformers movies to help fill in the cover, while totally awesome and free advertising for Transformers when it was just a side project to a writing contest, it’s now officially part of the family. With SF getting its own ISBN number and everything it’s time that it also get its own cover that we officially own the copyrights to. Book covers are hard. They are the cover graphic that surmises the entire book. Like a…

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    I threw back the sheets and decided to blog this morning. My Little Man is down for his 45 minute to 3 hour nap (it’s a choose your own adventure sort of thing for him) so I thought I’d head into the office and write! Little did I know the last entry was in… AUGUST?! I have a feeling that the next time I sit down I’ll be, “I blogged last in FEBRUARY?!” Sigh. I’ve dusted off my keyboard, unearthed my computer and fingers clicking away….I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to write about. Sigh. News!Yes, news! There is no news. Kidding, there’s a teeny tiny little wee portion…

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    The website look has been updated, I’ve actually put words to the new manuscript and I have one manuscript in with the editor as we speak. So! I think this means that I’m back to work… Maybe. We’ve hired on a little co-worker. He’s two feet tall and weighs about the size of a small dog food bag. He’s cool most of the time, then other times he vomits, passes out and craps his pants. Most of the time he’s asleep on the job so I can get a bit of work done. Though he’s begun to yell at me when I’m working, wants to show me this, or that.…

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    It was an amazing night with amazing seats! I got to meet one of the greats and it was totally worth it – she’s sweepingly beautiful, entertaining and as a treat we got to meet her daughter who runs a local soup kitchen here in Portland. Who, for the record IS Brianna. :0) …. Meet the Great Diana Gabaldon. Pre-show, in our badass seats! Me holding a copy of Moby (as Diana calls it). Me and Diana. Me trying not to say creepy things or breathe too heavily.

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    Me and the baby unicorn at 9 mos. I’ve always wondered what authors did when they had a kid. There’s no office to report to or clients to pass off to other coworkers. At some point we just stop working, then at some point pick back up again. I’m at the Just Stop Working point. Mainly because concentrating on any subject for more than 6 seconds is getting very difficult. I suppose it’s the body’s way of preparing for labor, it’s as if it says, “This shit is about to get real, real fast. How’s about we shut that inquisitive brain right down to the awareness of a slug.” With…

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    It’s January and as every new year arrives it seems that we spend the majority of the new year cleaning up after the chaos of the holidays. For me this is seeming to last mid-month… Yes, my Christmas tree is still up. Yes, my holiday Santa flag is still waving happily from the front porch and nary a Christmas decoration has been put away. But now that the calendar says 13th of January, I’m scared into action (lest I find myself at Easter putting Santa back in the box) and including tackling the holiday decorations I’ve also unburied my desk. Picture is of me (six months pregnant, not large with…

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    I’ve decided it’s time to let the unicorn out of the bag. Mainly because this Friday (tomorrow) we’re having Tina Gayle on the blog and she’s going to be talking about her pregnancy romance books and why that sub-genre in romance is so popular. That coupled with my nausea pronouncements on my other blog, folks be wonderin’. What does all this mean? I’m pregnant. Thirteen weeks (aka 3 months) to be exacting. Yup, pregnant. Certified by both doctors and by morning sickness. The hubby and I’s little unicorn. Below is it’s first ultrasound picture. Adorable, no?? The other great thing? The due date for our little horned ungulate is April…