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    MacLaoch Wednesday

    Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye. While I’m busily getting the Forged manuscript ready for the editors I’ve been guilty of ignoring my first book-child The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. So today I thought I’d announce that Wednesday’s will be dedicated to all things Legend. Most of it will be random whiskey posts (ha-ha!) though I think a good smattering of Legend info. Today we dive back into Rowan MacLaoch’s favorite whiskey – the Talisker 25 year. This (shamefully) is one of the whiskeys I’ve yet to sample. The tasting notes within the book are taken strictly from the Talisker Distillery’s tasting notes. Okay, maybe not strictly I have…

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    World Whisky Day

    Happy (Belated) World Whisky Day!! Yesterday, for those who were like me and unconscious to the fact, was World Whisky Day! And since I love a good Scotchy-Scotch I thought I’d share this awesomesauce star studded World Whisky Day video for you from Scotch Cinema. Enjoy! World Whisky Day from Scotch Cinema on Vimeo. What’s your favorite whisky?Mine, today? Oban.

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    Ramping Up

    Well, it’s official. Today is day three of procrastination. I’ve successfully avoided doing anything to the Forged manuscript for three whole days. I’ve been instead, completely immersed in the making and remaking of my St. Patrick’s day shopping list. Some might say I have my priorities wrong but the list includes Bushmills Black Label Irish whiskey. So, priorities? Straight.  What are your plans this weekend?

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    What I Really Want to Talk About:

    Whisky. Just a quick post, a friend of mine brought to my attention that not all people are born Whisky Gods who drink whisky straight. Some folks have to dilute it or make it in mixed drinks *gasp!* first. After having heart palpitations, I present to you: How to Drink Scotch, click here for article. Note: the purest within me is cringing, but I have to say it’s a great guide to getting started. And for those of you looking for a great Scotland adventure and live here in Portland, The Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City has the largest selection of whisky in the state – the whisky list at…

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    I just put a little blurb on the website about Rowan’s favorite whisky, the Talisker 25 year. It’s quite a complex and delicious whisky that suits his personality quite well. So as the Facebook page says: For all those who want to sip what Rowan sips, taste what Rowan tastes, and experience things a chieftain would experience, lets take a trip to Talisker distillery. Shall we? Enjoy a nip of his favorite, the Talisker 25 year. http://www.malts.com/index.php​/en_us/Our-Whiskies/Talisker Whisky tasting in local pub Whisky sampling at Aberlour . . . at 10am! Not to be excluded would be our main gal Cole, growing up in the South she had been exposed…