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    Illustration by Hoang Nguyen from Diana Gabaldon’s The Exile In the life of a writer you will sometimes, and more often in love stories, be called upon to write a sex scene. Now before you wet your panties thinking that it must be the easiest thing that a writer can do, let me let you down slowly. It’s not. It’s the most voyeuristiclly difficult thing you’ll ever do… with one caveat: only if you’re any good at it. Now. The first thing to remember in writing is that as a writer you are a facilitator, this only applies obviously about stories that aren’t about you. Being a facilitator means that…

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    Lil’boy Al and Pugnatious P Whath-up peeps! Thisth is Pugnatious P and Lil’boy Al, we are Mama-B’s PR Firm, The Fur Littles. We want to tell yous a bit about what the Mama-B has been up to regarding tha’ mosth rethent manuthcript: The Legend of Lady MacLeod. See thith isth how it goeth. Lady and a dude fall in love a bajillion years ago, but they can’t to the humpity cause they ain’t married. So’s they’s decide let’s run away togetha, only problem is she’th already betrothed. To bad, she says and runs away with her boy. Well only prolem is tha’s she’s a Scot-ash chieftain’s daughter and her daddy…

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    Books.Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long ones, paperback, hardback, UV coated, 12 pt. font size. I had a speed learning course in book printing yesterday… and I’m still learning. For example, in the last book you read did you notice the width of the margins? So much so you could recall if they were .25 or .5 inches? At one point John, my purveyor of book printing world, was showing me the millionth thing that I could alter which was, “Do you know what kind of font you’d like it to be in?”I looked at the book samples he brought, “Um does it matter?” I asked thinking who would…

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    I ask you this: when was the last time you wrote by hand? Recently? Like your grocery list? Or maybe your things to do list? Or the brief colorful memo to your coworker? Sure, you’ve used your writing skills recently… now I ask, when was the last time you wrote eight pages by hand? Yesterday, I found myself standing in the road looking into my car wondering where the hell I’d left my laptop, cause I sure didn’t have it with me. Of course after I calmed down realizing that it’d not been stolen but was simply still waiting by the door at home for me, I began to wonder…

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    Well it looks as though i’ve put it off long enough, its time to take my picture for my book’s author picture… part of me wants to just hold the camera up and take a picture and the other more glamourous side thinks i should comb my hair and do a little makeup before snapping an image that will be imbedded forever in print and on the web… stay tuned. Here’s a great link to the issue of great author photos: http://www.flakmag.com/misc/franzen.html Or maybe I should do the “Vaseline with big hair” thing… http://www.nytimes.com/1993/12/12/books/haul-out-the-old-cliches-it-s-time-to-shoot-an-author-photo.html?pagewanted=2