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    Goodreads Giveaway Winners!!

    Congratulations to the Goodreads giveaway winners Alexia, Allison, Roseanne, Tara, and Amanda!! The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is on its way to your mail boxes!! For the rest of you 1,600 wonderful entry contestants not to fear The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is available for e-readers and paperback lovers via Amazon and Smashwords – go forth and satisfy your need for Scottish curses and love stories now!! Yaaaaay!!

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    Into the depths of Rowan MacLaoch

    By now some of you early readers have finished up The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and have demanded (Okay, not demands. Threats.) for more of the one, the only, Rowan. *sounds of girls screaming* So here ya go! This will be part one of, well, many. First question I’ve been getting a lot is, who is the Rowan MacLaoch character based off of? Well . . . my husband of course! Ha-ha, whoa! I am of course, just kidding. No, this war wounded, dark, clan chieftain is a culmination of many men I know. His looks, however, are based on a real life person, the bartender I met while in…