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    99 Cents at Internet Speed

    So, as I sit here and type this at Case Study Coffee Shop here in Portland I’ve just witnessed an internet phenomenon – the speed of information. Just Sunday (two days ago) I started the fall holiday sale of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch (ebook is now 99 cents), and before I’ve been able to get out the email and drum up notice about it, word is out and down the block. How does that happen?? Well, before this blog gets to be old news let me say this Q U I C K : The Legend of Lady MacLaoch ebook on sale for the holidays now for 99 cents.

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    Lover and a Fighter

    Photo courtesy: http://cydwicker.com Last week Friday, my good friend and literary genius Kate Carman, while in town from Seattle helped me to clean out my wine cellar. During one of the wine cellar clean-out evenings, the recent blog tour came up in discussion, and we got to talking about Rowan MacLaoch. Rowan, being dubbed a Renaissance man by my girl over at Her Book Self made us start a debate on what Renaissance man really means. Wikipedia became involved when we just couldn’t agree, and the final say was that it was knowing a little bit about a lot of things. The details are hazy, but at some point it…

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    Blog Tour Wrap-up

    What an awesome tour!! Thank you to everyone who participated and to the bloggers for hosting – y’all made the Legendary Blog Tour a blast. Also, congrats to all the giveaway winners! Currently announced are The Small Book Blog: Angel, and Ali’s Bookshelf: Laura. Don’t forget that if you didn’t win a copy, it’s okay! Head on over to the “Store” tab (above —-^) and download a copy now! Available in all ebook formats for $2.99.

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    Final Tour Stop: Pages of Forbidden Love

    Book Review and Final Interview!   Stop by Pages of Forbidden Love to see what Alexa has to say about The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, does she love it? Or wish for more? Check it out now! And remember for the author interview not to be shy if you have questions of your own to ask! Excerpt from Alexa’s interview with Becky: Q: What made you think of combining contemporary and historical romance? A: Oh, great question! I’d not really thought of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch as a blend of comtemporary and historical romance until now. You see. . . Read more>>   Giveaways If you haven’t already, enter…

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    Today’s Stop: A New Kind of Ordinary

    Interview and International Giveaway! Stop by A New Kind of Ordinary to enter to win an ebook copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch! This is the LAST giveaway opprotunity on the tour! The interview today is fresh and fun – what would Becky bring with her on a desert island? And remember not to be shy if you have questions of your own to ask! Excerpt from Melanie’s interview with Becky:Q: I absolutely loved Rowan. What is your favorite thing about him?A: He’s a great guy isn’t he?! And this is also a great question, one I’ve not gotten a lot of feedback on. Let me ask you, what…

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    Today’s stop: Ali’s Bookshelf

    Review, Interview, and Giveaway! Another giveaway?! Is it Christmas already? No, it’s a Legendary Blog Tour! Head over to Ali’s Bookshelf to enter to win. Contest details are listed there. Also, Ali asks a whole new set of interview questions and don’t be shy if you have some of your own to ask! Excerpt from Ali’s interview with Becky:Q: Are there any special lessons you want your readers to learn from this amazing book?A: The overarching lessons to be taken away from the novel are unique to each reader, much like other forms of art I’ve discovered that . . . Read more>> Tomorrow: Thursday, September 29  A New Kind…

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    Tour Stop: Her Book Self

    Interview, trivia, giveaway – Oh, my! Today at Her Book Self, Lisa sits down with Becky to answer life’s most challenging question: Who IS Rowan MacLaoch?? Find out the answer now at Her Book Self. And while you are there answer the trivia question for a chance to win a copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch! Excerpt from Lisa’s interview with Becky:Q: Hi Becky! Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started as a writer and how did a girl from Hawaii end up writing a book set in Scotland?A: Alooooooha! Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) Lisa for having me! Well, the two-second explanation…

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    Blog Tour: The Small Book Blog

    Today’s Stop Includes a Giveaway!!   Stop by The Small Book Blog today for an interview with Author Becky Banks and a chance to win a copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch!   Excerpt from Annie’s interview with Becky: Q: Rowan and Cole have an almost mystical bond/connection. They are able to feel each other when they are near or the emotion the other is feeling, especially strong feelings. Where did you come up with this connection and theory? A: Great question, and this is one that is hard to answer. Rowan and Cole are deeply intertwined, their love is a destiny. Their connection, being a powerful ancestral one…Click…

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    Welcome to our first stop!! Today: The Legend of Lady MacLaoch gets reviewed by: Romancing the Book Stop by to see what reviewer Stephanie had to say! Do you agree? Have something to add? Leave a comment! Excerpt from Stephanie’s review: “…Fictional Scottish history and dark, brooding mystery ignite the pages of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. An ancient curse brings Cole to Scotland and into the arms of Rowan MacLaoch, chieftain of the MacLaoch clan. He is the modern version of the sexy Scottish hero (kilts and all!!!!) and…” Click here to read more. Tomorrow: Monday, September 26    The Small Book Blog http://small-book.blogspot.com/

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    I just put a little blurb on the website about Rowan’s favorite whisky, the Talisker 25 year. It’s quite a complex and delicious whisky that suits his personality quite well. So as the Facebook page says: For all those who want to sip what Rowan sips, taste what Rowan tastes, and experience things a chieftain would experience, lets take a trip to Talisker distillery. Shall we? Enjoy a nip of his favorite, the Talisker 25 year. http://www.malts.com/index.php​/en_us/Our-Whiskies/Talisker Whisky tasting in local pub Whisky sampling at Aberlour . . . at 10am! Not to be excluded would be our main gal Cole, growing up in the South she had been exposed…