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    Working Hard, Real Hard

    Why yes, that towel does say “It’s five o’clock somewhere.” And your point is? As you can see I’ve been working diligently on writing…. The temps in Portland swooned up to 100 degrees yesterday, so refuge was sought in the chilly mountain runoff called the Columbia River. AAAHHHHHH…. Today? Back to the grindstone. And sweat. Dribbling out from under my arms…. Which makes working on a Scottish novel set in wet-chilly-foggy Springtime Scotland hard. As I mentioned on Facebook today, no doubt this heat will infuse itself into my writing somehow, like: “Rowan, suddenly hot and sweaty from the blast of furnace heat, reaches back and pulls his shirt off.…

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    An Award? Sweet!

    The Italian Brat (Jennifer Garcia, author of My Mr. Manny, due August 2013) laid one on me last week, an award for having a versatile blog…. AWESOME!! I love awards! Shinier, the better. Below, I’d like to share with y’all my award, The Versatile Blogger… Look, but don’t touch! Now, in accordance with this award I have to answer some questions and forward this on to another ten bloggers. So while I do that, feel free to inspect said award, and if feelings of jealousy arise, don’t worry, it’s natural. Peas!B

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    She’s a Beaut!

    Oh my gosh!! It’s sunny in Portland!! So rare is this that I must blog about it, a short but satisfying post of sunlight, sun rays and general vitamin D lusciousness. ENJOY!! Shown above: the ever elusive Portland sun. 

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    NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is upon us again, bringing with it writers everywhere who pound their keyboards issuing out word, after word, after epic word until a novel is made. There are write-ins, meet-ups and get-togethers. Awards are won. Notoriety is given. People are pumped. Though, I can’t help but think, oh my god is that Thanksgiving next week? And, how the hell did the end of the year get here so fast?? For all you Writing Stars: Are you in NaNoWriMo? How’s it going?Does the additional stress of Thanksgiving’s arrival help or hurt your creative? And how much wine will you consume this month? Just curious. . .

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    Muff It

    To demonstrate today’s point, would this quip be as funny without the word shit? Source: Pintrest Today’s poetry Monday has been interrupted by better programing. :0)  I’d like to explore the use of profanity – do many people really notice it? As The Legend of Lady MacLaoch gains popularity I’m starting to find (along with all the awesome 5-star reviews!!) that a handful of readers comment on the use of the f-word in the book. Strangely enough I note that Rowan on the first page uses it but for the life of me I can’t remember where else. Which is interesting since, I WROTE it. :0) This brings me to…

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    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Happy Independence Day!!Here at our house to celebrate the 4th we are hosting our first annual Potato Salad Contest. Winner takes home this trophy: Potato Salad Trophy will be MINE!! Muwahahaha!! While I’m sure many of the salads that will be brought today will be good – I have to say that (prepare for bias…) mine will be the best! A savory combination of old fashioned russets with salty dill pickle, chives, celery, egg and the secret ingredient. Bacon. Mmmmm! Have a great fourth everyone no matter where you are today – have fun and be safe!

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    Where for art thou Becky?

    Hellllloooooo!!! Here I am! Missed MacLaoch Wednesday’s yesterday?? It’ll be back next week and will be getting a new look, stay tuned for those changes next week. Just wanted to put in a little blurb on what we’re doing over here at Becky Banks Writing Headquarters. We’re busy prepping The Legend of Lady MacLaoch for it’s surprise giveaway on July 4th. We had loads of fun giving it away for its 1 year birthday back in May and decided to do it again for Independence Day on appropriately, MacLaoch Wednesday. :0) Also in the news, the first round of edits on Forged are due back shortly meaning that by early…

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    MacLaoch Wednesday HIJACKED!

    Fun image no? :0) This is work by Kassandra Today we’re hijacking MacLaoch Wednesdays to butt in with the new book, Forged. I’m going through withdrawls right now as I gave it to the editing team last week Friday. I find myself listless and rummaging around the house and the neighborhoods looking for trouble – which come to find out the latter is full of kids off from school doing exactly what I’m doing – so what am I going to do about it? WRITE. Before I jump into writing the next book – yes the NEXT, and it’s called Regan Manning who is a kick ass spy who comes…

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    Le Beach

    I’m baaaaaaaack!! Yesterday’s poetry monday was on vacation – apologies to all those who were hanging around waiting for their weekly dose of prose to discover that it was never coming. I am sorry and hope that you are able to sleep better tonight with the poetic list of pictures I’m about to force upon you.  The past four days had me luxuriating on the coast of Oregon in a fluke of warm southern california type weather. And as a Maui girl, I’ll tell you there were a couple moments where I could close my eyes and it felt like I was home again. Bliss!!  So without further ado – PHOTOS!!!  View the first…

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    Poetry Monday: Black Keys in Concert!!!!!

    Today our poetry Monday is being hijacked by song lyrics – truly it’s own style of poetry – because tonight I go to see the Black Keys live in concert at the Rose Garden! WOOT!!!!!!!! Needless to say I’m excited. I’ll be taking an hour and a half to get ready, put on my outfit, tear it off, put on another one and repeat the cycle until my husband comes in and points to my t-shirt and shorts from earlier in the day and says, “Just wear that.” I’ll no doubt exclaim that he has no taste and put the first thing I tried on before rushing out the door…