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    Interview With an Author

    Today we have a very special interview, it’s with book blogger and co-indie author Jennifer Garcia. Ms. Garcia is the author of the just released, My Mr. Manny. Please welcome Jennifer Garcia! *APPLAUSE* “Hello and welcome Ms. Garcia!” Becky says patting the plush leather chair next to her, beside the fire. “Please come, have a seat. Tea?” she says passing her a cup without waiting for her response. Garcia, a savvy Italian woman, long dark hair and stunning features, takes a seat and the proffered cup, “I’d love some, thank you.”   “Let’s get started here shall we? In an interview you gave awhile back, I read that you spent…

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    On Blog Radio

      So yesterday was pure awesome, not only was it my first time on the radio but it was the first time I got to say “take your pants off” to a worldwide audience. Which for me ranks up there for Most Excellent. Here’s the show for those who missed it: Also because, Ali is so awesome, she’s giving away a free copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch!! Check out the giveaway here.

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    Chat with me TONIGHT!!

    Tonight we hit the radio waves with Ali Talks at 8pm EST. Rumor has it there will an autographed copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch given away!!! I’m told that this will be an open “live” chat so whip on by, I’ll be taking questions allllll night. Or at least for the first 45 minutes. ;0) Here’s the link! Click here. Also be sure to check out Ali’s blog here.

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    Aloha Friday! Tour Stop: Great Imaginations

    Great ImaginationsAloha Friday!! As we roar through the last day of this week and into the weekend, stop on by the blog of Great Imaginations where Kara will be hosting me for an interview and her review of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. Yaya! Reminder! There are only 2 days left to enter the super awesome blog tour swag giveaway! Stop by today’s blog to enter, or add points to your entry. More points = a higher chance of winning! Go go gooooo!! Click here to enter. Giveaway info, click here.

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    Today’s Tour Stop: Lady Reader’s Bookstuff

    Lady Reader’s Bookstuff Today we join up with Amy at The Lady Reader’s Bookstuff again (WOOT!!!) for some chat time as she grills interviews me about my writing habits and upcoming projects! And another huge thank you to Amy for donating her very own and very coveted flamingo pink surfboard Sex Wax to the epic giveaway – which smells like heaven and tropical beach all rolled into one little puck. Thanks Amy! View tour schedule here.

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    Tour: The Bookish Brunette

    Today we kick off the 2012 Spring Break Legend of Lady MacLaoch tour at the home of The Bookish Brunette, a book loving, zombie obsessed, stiletto wearing, coffee addict with a purse fetish! Join us for the first interview of the tour, and your first chance to enter to win the pink flamingo giveaway. And speaking of pink flamingos, if you love the flamingo theme like I do be sure to thank Ash for the idea!  Tour schedule:Click here for schedule.Oh, and did I mention that every tour stop is a chance to win this tre fabu spring break essential giveaway?? Giveaway includes one smokin’ blog tour beach tote, a…

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    Q&A on Goodreads!!

    The rumors are true!!  We’re on Goodreads this weekend – Jan 14-16 – for a Q & A and giveaway! The Romance Reader Reading Challenges forum will be hosting me Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On  Saturday (an not a moment sooner) head over to the forum via the link below to begin leaving questions for me. I’ll be there answering questions and passing out cake and ice cream* all weekend so stop on by!! Go here any time on Jan 14, 15, 16 to leave me some sugar and be eligible to win a copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/766124-ac-becky-banks-of-the-legend-of-lady-maclaoch If you are one of those lucky folks…

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    Becky at The Good E Reader

    Me in an interview for ebook of the week! Click link below to view it. My girl Mercy over at Good E Reader asked me the other day if I’d be game for doing my upcoming feature for ebook of the week via Spreecast with her. After .0002 seconds of deliberation I said, Y E S ! and went about my merry way until it was time to do the interview yesterday evening. I suppose it was right before the interview that I realized it would be recorded. Recorded, my face and all the words I say entombed for an eternity. And along with that eternity it would be blasted…