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    Raffle for Gabaldon Ticket at Newmark Theater in Portland, Oregon

    The fabulous Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander. Why oh why would I raffle a Gabaldon ticket? Weeeeell, long story short I bought three tickets and one friend can’t make it. I know I’ll catch heat from someone in my crew that’s actually dying to go, but as of now I don’t know who that is, so let’s RAFFLE! :0) Keep in mind before you put your name into the hat that you will be sitting next to me and my other Gabaldon loving friend. We’re a wild pair. :0) Gabaldon speaks tomorrow night (a sold out show, btw) at 7:30p at the Newmark Theater downtown, winner will be given their…

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    Halloween Scavenger Hunt is on NOW!

    Rain! YAY!! The weather is finally changing here in Portland. We’d weathered under 90 degree days since May through to just last week, and as an adapted Northwesterner I have to shout: I’m so glad you come back rain!!! So glad indeed! :0) Now that fall is satisfactorily started outside my window I think it’s time we announce another web hunt!! The Halloween web hunt that is!! As you can tell I’m totally addicted to these – they offer FREE chances to read about books, discover new books, WIN books and from my sponsor basket win a $100 AMAZON GIFTCARD!!! WOOOOOT!!! Head on over to Night Owl Reviews Halloween Web…

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    Book Blowout!

    I’ve been watching too much TV lately, with all those car commercials and Labor Day sales going on all I could think of to call our massive giveaway this weekend was ‘blowout’, because it’s gonna be a big one! Forged is taking the lead for the giveaway weekend starting today going through Sunday then joining it is The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Friday and going through Monday. Fun part? Forged has a new cover (!) and as an ebook, it’s officially a second edition (!!) – we made some minor conversation updates and a few changes to the dialog between Nate and Eva here and there. I know some…

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    Thank You Everyone!!

    Holy smokes!! We had a great week here at Legend’s Birthday Party Central – folks spread the word far and wide and yesterday for the Amazon giveaway we had 1,200 NEW The Legend of Lady MacLaoch readers!!! Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Again, thank you to all of you who Tweeted, Facebooked, Google+’d, told your friends and wrote it on bathroom stalls, you all made it happen!! Legend officially heads into it’s second year with some seriously awesome people behind it. Okay, not to get all weepy then leave you. I do recall we have a giveaway winner that we have to announce…….. I pushed the “Select a Winner” button on Rafflecopter and it…

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    Today is Legend’s Birthday!

    We’ve been celebrating all week and the moment has finally arrived! The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is officially 2 years old today! So in celebration of this monumental day (we take our birthdays seriously here) we’re giving away (in addition to the raffle!) The Legend of Lady MacLaoch ebook on Amazon alllllllllll day! This is a special birthday gift from me to you, and be sure to share this with your friends who’ve yet to read it! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. :0) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    Birthday Treats Continue: Sequel Blurb!

    Scotland church…. *sigh* so beautiful! [image via] Today we have a very special treat. I’ve teased with short blurbs from the sequel before (see the short excerpt here) but today, I thought we’d dive into the first chapter. The first FULL chapter. Not just three hundred words but a full 980 words. :0) One thing to note is that this is also the first time that my editor will be seeing this so, um, yeah grammar/spelling has not been fixed yet. :0) The Legend of Lady MacLaoch II CHAPTER 1 The church was situated comfortably for several millennia in the place I came upon it that afternoon. Green pasture land…

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    Birthday Treats Continue: Kilts!

    Kilts are the most notorious thing of Celtic culture, they can be the butt of Scottish jokes and make women weep with joy when a handsome kilted man meets a stiff breeze. :0) Today, to celebrate The Legend of Lady MacLaoch birthday love we’ve got going on, we’ll briefly tackle the history of the kilt as well as the importance of clan tartans and when they really became a symbol of clan allegiance. Though, because a picture is worth a thousand words we’ll have photos, lots of gloooooorious photos. Yer welcome. Sweaty, warm, kilt clad… awesome! [via] A Scot, having lost his shirt…. A modern day clan chief. Pure Scot.…

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    Gonna Have a Birthday Bash!

    This year The Legend of Lady MacLaoch will be turning 2 years old!! In celebration to the May 27th birthday event we’ll be giving away – first ever in print – a new 2nd edition (complete with swanky new cover!) copy, fully outfitted with a personalized message to the winner PLUS a rockin’ autograph. :0D Raffle starts TODAY will close next week Tuesday 5/28/13. The fine print says just US (including AK & HI) & Canada peeps only, due to shipping costs. Click below to enter!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Win Good Shit!

    Ha-ha, I’m gonna catch crap for that entry title. ;0) Just a reminder that the Night Owl Review’s Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt is still going, and there’s JUST enough time for you to sign-up and participate to WIN awesome books and giftcards and general awesomesauce. Like a free copy of Forged or The Legend of Lady MacLaoch ebook perchance?? YES! Click here to participate!!

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    Spring Fling is On

    Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling is now open! WOOT!! For all of you who love a good internet scavenger hunt (and love free books!) sign-up today with the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt. Sign-up here to: “Find great authors and books in the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt! Read book blurbs and get entered to win awesome prize baskets!”