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    An announcement to all LibraryThing members: We have 100 Serendipity of Fate ebooks available for review! Not a member? Sign-up for free and join a great book lover community. I started with LibraryThing when Goodreads was in it’s beta stage and have loved it since. If you’re not familiar with their listed member giveaways, follow this link here to get to the members giveaway page. To request a free review copy of Serendipity of Fate scroll down to the book then click request. Or do a ‘Find on Page’ by pressing CTRL+F then type in Serendipity and it’ll take you directly to the entry. Please note the giveaway is open…

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    It’s back to work time! June 1st is the day I put my seat in my chair and get back to it after a full year of maternity leave! Yahoo! I’ve been spending the last few months dusting off my manuscripts, cracking my knuckles and doing fingertip exercises (and one, and two, and one, and two, and one…)  in preparation for the big day. I’ve also been noodling (read:thinking) about a fun back to work idea and that’s a big fat freebie of my very first book!! (I say this as if there’s soooo many the first one is a thousand books behind me. 😆) Starting June 1st get The…