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    Blog Tour Winner

    Congrats Molly on winning the Forged Tour prize pack! We had over 300 entrants to the giveaway – thank you to all those that participated, the tour was a total success because of you!!

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    Week in Review – Last Days of the Forged Tour

    For those of you who were like me and were comatose this entire weekend with turkey in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, here’s the recap of this week’s tour: Nov. 20th – Mich’s Book Reviews Nov. 22nd – Ali’s Bookshelf (interview!) Nov. 23rd – A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation (smokin’ review!!) Nov. 25th –  WTF are You Reading (Forged car talk!) Today is the LAST DAY of the tour so be sure to get your name in for the giveaway to win some cool stuff as well as a free autographed copy of Forged! Click here!

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    Source: owned.com via Becky on Pinterest This is how the launch party Friday ended up. . . I’ll be taking the next few days to recover . . . But while I’m here, here are a few highlights from the release last week: 4,000 + people downloaded Forged 4 & 5 star reviews are rollin’ in (WOOT!!!) Hit #10 on Amazon’s bestseller list for Romantic Suspense  Meet some kickass new peeps on Facebook!! This photo (below) is the only in-focus picture from the night. Yes, that is me in the middle getting a light ass slapping, which, in the light of the way 50 Shades of Grey is changing our…

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    Forged Has . . . ARRIVED

    Official Forged Blog Tour starts today!! Check out the blogs that are participating here. Be sure to stop by each one as we’ve got an awesome-sauce prize bag to win!!  And as a super surprise, it’s FREE on the Kindle aaaaaaaaaall week. Get you’re FREE copy of Forged on your Kindle today:  Click here for your FREE copy of Forged ebook.

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    Word to the Stock

    Wordstock is here again!! The festival of words and wordsmiths! Acres of acres of books, authors and sex toys! Say what?!Yup, The Portland Mercury reports that this year Wordstock will “…include an adults-only “Red Chair District,” with erotica writers and publishers, sex toy purveyors She Bop, and dramatic readings of missed connections ads….” And not to mention loads and loads of books, authors talking about books, people discussing books, and a general atmosphere of literary orgasm. Now, for me I write about sex in fabulously fun romances, but you won’t find me at the “Red Chair District” of this year’s Wordstock. Nope, I’m going to be with much more fabulous…

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    LIVE! and in Print!

    Well folks, the long journey to the physical paperback of Forged has arrived! Yesterday at 3p the UPS guy rolled up to the house as I bolted down the steps and into his truck. Five seconds and a wad of torn cardboard later, I held it in my hands, fanned my face with its pages and had a heart-pounding moment as I verified that it indeed had all its page numbers, chapters, and dedications that it should. And it does!! I am now pleased to announce that Forged has o-fficially arrived, and once the other million copies that I ordered show up, pre-release copies will start making appearances in mailboxes.…

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    Welcome to All Things Forged

    Yay!! Forged is on its way, and to celebrate we’ve changed the blog layout to be more, well, Forged. :0) We’ve got some great stuff planned for this release, giveaways, kickass blog tour, and trivia. So stay tuned, we’ll have something new every week until release day. WOOT!! Today: Pre-order opens! Click on the link below to pre-order your very own autographed copy of Forged. All orders will ship on or before October 22nd.  Pre-order Forged now!

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    It’s baaaaack!

    It’s done come back now. The second round of edits to Forged that is. Just hot off the editor’s desk and onto mine. Which means goodbye, for now. I’m in the rapid down-spiral of transforming this hunk of text into an honest to goodness book, which means a lot of eye-breaking formatting work and rapid mousing. But the beauty of it all? I can’t wait for it to be wrapped up and bound, to sit up all pretty like on a shelf and look back at me and say: “Care for another gander of page 169 and that epic duct tape scene? Hmmmmm??” “Yes, let’s.”

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    Forged Goodreads Giveaway

    I just posted the Goodreads giveaway button here on the sidebar ——————–> As of this very second it still has not been “approved by Goodreads staff” so you may have to hold your horses for the next couple hours while they verify I am who I say I am and that it truly is a real paperback giveaway and not some schmuck trying to push imported chocolate bunnies. While you wait for the Goodreads giveaway for Forged to go live, would you like to read the first four chapters? Hmm? Hmm?? Okay, here ya go: *sounds of women squealing* Forged: Chapters 1-4