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    Happy Thanksgiving! And Giveaway!

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! As a celebration of thanking and giving we’re putting The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and Forged up for free on the Amazon Kindle starting next week! As for mommy-writerly stuff, things have been pretty busy for me in the last few months since my son has discovered walking and his own ability to discover things (read: chasing a toddler, harnessing a toddler, calming a toddler, entertaining a toddler…), deadlines have been delayed and entire scenes rewritten, but there’s hope! Fingers crossed we’ll get Serendipity of Fate 2.0 off to the editor in January and out to readers by the spring. (!!) After Serendipity, the next novel in…

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    Nate. You Naughty, Naughty Boy

    Nate, he’s hot. As in hot-blooded Italian who is passionate about all things ladies and cars. Today we dive into his character in depth. WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS ABOUT FORGED. Nate’s tall, broad-shouldered and excellent with his hands. He’s become a wealthy mover and a shaker in the Portland area, but has kept his street smarts – stripes he earned in a life that hadn’t come easy for him. Wrecked from years of family abuse and a final trauma that put him over the edge, Nate learned early on in life that the only person you could count on was yourself. Especially when life serves you up a…

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    Book Blowout!

    I’ve been watching too much TV lately, with all those car commercials and Labor Day sales going on all I could think of to call our massive giveaway this weekend was ‘blowout’, because it’s gonna be a big one! Forged is taking the lead for the giveaway weekend starting today going through Sunday then joining it is The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Friday and going through Monday. Fun part? Forged has a new cover (!) and as an ebook, it’s officially a second edition (!!) – we made some minor conversation updates and a few changes to the dialog between Nate and Eva here and there. I know some…

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    Happy Spring & Giveaway!

    I love Spring. It is one of my favoritist times of the year, the weather is warming up, everything is saturated with moody sunlight and misting rain. Flowers pop and the moss glows bright green – here in Oregon, that’s everywhere, especially your roof. :0)For that reason I’m giving away the Forged ebook via Amazon today and tomorrow so that you can enjoy a little heat too where ever you are! And be sure to tell your peeps! Click here to download.

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    Forged Fridays

    As some of you may know, Forged is a smutty, lovely, spine-tingly aggressive romance that involves a magazine editor (note the Vogue knock-off cover anyone??) and a high-end Euro-car mechanic. For today’s Forged Friday, we’re going to take another visual tour through the male of the species who are mechanics. Yeah, we’re gonna have some mechanic man-candy today! Cheers, and enjoy ~ This is Military Mechanic. He’s fixing a large rusty gear. Meet Sweat Pant Mechanic. Note awesome hood reflection on right. This is Old School Mechanic. Watch as he tightens the Titanic’s lug nuts. And… Jason Statham is The Mechanic.   Meet Lazy Mechanic. Too lazy to button his…

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    Happy V-Day!

    V is for vajayjay. Today get some, for free. I really wish it was P-Day, because then it would be get some penis for free today since that’s pretty much what I’m serving in my novels. Large, hot, pulsating … plotlines. While I steer us back on course, and before I get slapped with an Adults Only Rating for my blog, let’s chat about free love. Today, in celebration of this glorious holiday of love, I’m giving away both ebooks The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and Forged via Amazon. So no matter where you are, what you’re doing (riding the bus on your way to the Vagina Monologues perhaps?) whether…

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    Cars. Luscious Lustful Cars.

    Welcome to Forged Fridays! Today we go on a visual tour of Forged’s luscious four-wheeled transportations: BMWs, Peugeots and Aston Martins, oh my! As many of you know Forged is one part dark, moody romance one part fast and furious, combining speed and adrenaline for a high-octane thrill ride.The car that starts all the shenanagans in Forged is a BMW 540i. As you know (or will find out!) it belongs to our heroine, Eva. Eva, having grown up with fast cars but never one of her own, gets a taste for nice things when she’s out making a name for herself in New York. Once she moves back to the…