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    New Feature! (for Book Bloggers!)

    Nope you’re not seeing double, it’s a new feature! We’ve added a cool new little feature to the contact us page for all those book bloggers out there wanting a Becky B. book to review. Now, it’s super simple to request a Becky B. original! Fill out the form and voila! So easy it makes pie look hard. ;0) Cheers and happy requesting!B PS – Aaaaand because it’s a brand-spanking new form, please let me know if you think it could use a lil’ somethin’ extra!

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    Today’s Stop: The Small Book Blog

    The Small Book Blog. Today is the final day of the tour and for those who’ve been with us the whole way you know that today is the super early sneak peek into my latest work, Forged. Forged will be out later this year (barring no catastrophes), but before it heads out to the full insider review, and then to the editors where it will see its final shaping, it went first to my girl Annie over at The Small Book Blog. I’ll be hanging out there today so if you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments box! Let’s head over there now to see what…

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    S C O T L A N D !!!!!!

    Today we pack our bags and hit the beautiful Isle of Skye off Scotland’s western shores for the ultimate trip into The Legend of Lady MacLaoch!!  The following tour will take you to a slideshow, click the forward arrow at the bottom to take it at your own pace. Note, I’d not recommend the “play” arrow unless you only have 10 seconds to watch the whole thing. :0) *warning* slideshow contains major spoilers! CLICK HERE TO START TOUR Raffle, raffle, raffle!!! Enter below or add points to your score – higher points have a better chance of winning. Just 1 day left! Go, go, goooooo!! a Rafflecopter giveaway<a href=”http://rafl.es/enable-js”>You need…

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    Aloha Friday! Tour Stop: Great Imaginations

    Great ImaginationsAloha Friday!! As we roar through the last day of this week and into the weekend, stop on by the blog of Great Imaginations where Kara will be hosting me for an interview and her review of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. Yaya! Reminder! There are only 2 days left to enter the super awesome blog tour swag giveaway! Stop by today’s blog to enter, or add points to your entry. More points = a higher chance of winning! Go go gooooo!! Click here to enter. Giveaway info, click here.

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    Today’s Tour Stop: A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation

    A Great Book is the Cheapest VacationJoin us at A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation blog as Tasha reviews The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and gives her view on this armchair vacation to Scotland and the MacLaoch clan! And don’t forget! While you’re there, enter again for the raffle! Oh yes! You can enter more than once! WIN!! Full tour schedule: Click here. 

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    Today’s Tour Stop: Lady Reader’s Bookstuff

    Lady Reader’s Bookstuff Head on over to the fabulous Lady Reader’s Bookstuff for Amy’s take on The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, Rowan’s accent and more! And while you’re there be sure to enter the raffle – YES! You can enter more than once! WIN!! Note: a big thank you to Amy as she has donated her very own and very coveted pink surfboard Sex Wax to the epic giveaway – which smells like heaven and tropical beach all rolled into one little puck. Thanks Amy! Full tour schedule: Click here.

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    And MORE Breaking News!

    It’s feeling like Christmas around here with all these amazing news updates! Night Owl Reviews just gave The Legend of Lady MacLaoch the rare and coveted 5 out of 5 stars rating!! AND was selected as Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!!! Here’s an excerpt:“This was a very enjoyable read and kept me entranced the whole way through. I most definitely wanted to see Cole and Rowan get together and wanted to slap Eryka. There are some wonderful side characters in this, from the dressmaker who make sure that Cole has a dress to make Rowan pant, to the MacDonagh brothers, Angus and Bernie, the lovable, laughable old men who run…

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    Guilty Pleasure

    It’s been lazy dayz around the house lately. Nothing but finishing the ending of The Mechanic (working title), schmoozing with folks about The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, playing with sex wax (see Lady Reader’s Bookstuff blog entry), and reading truly awesome smut. What I’ve been reading. Don’t judge! LOL! Truly awesome smut comes in the form of (for me at least) well written creative writing that explores ideas that I’ve not even thought of with a penetrating love story. *snicker* I was enthralled this weekend with Seducing Mr. Darcy by Gwyn Cready. As a recommended read by my girl Annie over at The Small Book blog I have to readily…

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    Final Tour Stop: Pages of Forbidden Love

    Book Review and Final Interview!   Stop by Pages of Forbidden Love to see what Alexa has to say about The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, does she love it? Or wish for more? Check it out now! And remember for the author interview not to be shy if you have questions of your own to ask! Excerpt from Alexa’s interview with Becky: Q: What made you think of combining contemporary and historical romance? A: Oh, great question! I’d not really thought of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch as a blend of comtemporary and historical romance until now. You see. . . Read more>>   Giveaways If you haven’t already, enter…