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    Chat with me TONIGHT!!

    Tonight we hit the radio waves with Ali Talks at 8pm EST. Rumor has it there will an autographed copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch given away!!! I’m told that this will be an open “live” chat so whip on by, I’ll be taking questions allllll night. Or at least for the first 45 minutes. ;0) Here’s the link! Click here. Also be sure to check out Ali’s blog here.

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    Today’s stop: Ali’s Bookshelf

    Review, Interview, and Giveaway! Another giveaway?! Is it Christmas already? No, it’s a Legendary Blog Tour! Head over to Ali’s Bookshelf to enter to win. Contest details are listed there. Also, Ali asks a whole new set of interview questions and don’t be shy if you have some of your own to ask! Excerpt from Ali’s interview with Becky:Q: Are there any special lessons you want your readers to learn from this amazing book?A: The overarching lessons to be taken away from the novel are unique to each reader, much like other forms of art I’ve discovered that . . . Read more>> Tomorrow: Thursday, September 29  A New Kind…