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Me on horseback in my hometown on Maui.

Hello friend. Welcome to my author site. My name is Becky Banks and I was born and raised like the four generations of Bankses before me, in the Hawaiian Islands. I left the islands to attend college and it was there that I was encouraged to pursue writing as a career by my fiction writing professor. Writing pays poorly and the mainland is cheap(er than Hawai’i) to live so I stayed but travel home often to get the ‘ehukai from Ho’okipaย  back into my veins.

The part of the islands that I grew up in is known as Peahi on the island of Maui. It’s a rain forest and was the home of my grandparent’s ranch. I spent my days, arms wide, running through grassy fields with the peaks of Haleakala and the azure plains of the Pacific as the backdrops to my escapades. This shows in my works, my books are rich with imagery and romantic details that imprinted on me as a child of paradise.

I write under my own name on Amazon in the category of genre romance. The Romance genre is much like a palatial estate. There are many different families that all live under the romance roof. My style is intelligent; I have challenging heroines who save the dark hero in visceral love stories that include danger, sex and adventure.

I’ve been lucky to receive accolades from Amazon to book bloggers, mostย  of which stem from my first book, The Legend of Lady MacLaoch.ย 

I currently live in the second weirdest (and proud of it!) city in the nation, Portland, Oregon.

Feel free to send me love letters at: beckybanksonline[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Another place to find me is at my personal blog down the street at, Go Indie or Go Home.

Sunset on the southern Maui coastline.