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Update on Serendipity of Fate!

In just a few short days this bad boy gets shipped off to the editor’s for round two of its three rounds of editing. This means that a production schedule is in full swing and on that schedule we have now a hard launch date. Yup, launch date. I’m going to squeak it out here since normally we keep that date hush hush and just speak in sweeping hand flapping generalities, buuuuuut. This November, the eleventh, Veteran’s Day, this luscious heart pounding, patriot inspiring novel will blast out of its starting gate. Ye-haw! Of course as one of my beta readers said, “Awe! Why do we have to wait so LONG?!” And to that I say, keep your eyes peeled for freebies and giveaways before November! If all goes well (read: it doesn’t return a bloody mess from editing) we may have copies available for early readers by July 4th! We’ll definitly have samples before then here at the blog! So, stay tuned!


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