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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!!

Here at Romance Headquarters we’re pumped for a new year and the prospect of getting Serendipity of Fate out the door and into your hands in the next few months!! We’re dusting off the cookie crumbs and throwing away those liquor filled chocolates (they’re such an awesome idea when you first see them at the holidays – Jack Daniel’s and chocolate, awesome!! – then January arrives and it’s… *blerg*) and getting back to work.

My boss let me have the entire month off of work (she’s so great, I just love her, have I mentioned how awesome she is??) so I spent it crafting re-watching the ENTIRE series of Bones. The early stuff is sweet-sweet awkward romantic moments. I also never realized that they don’t really slide us into her pregnancy really well. It’s like, Bones is all: “I can’t be with you Booth!” Pushes him away and Booth is all, “Fine! I’ll go be in love with someone else!” Then Hannah rejects him. Enter sad faced Booth. I mean we all know they’ll be together in the end but a little more hotty with a body moments after Hannah douched out would have prepped us for the next phase. You know, more scenes like the Christmas special where Booth responds to a bank robbery only to have the guy explode in front of him and Bones has to strip him back at the Jeffersonian…It’s so hot even Booth has to look up and start reciting saints. And all of us are like, “I think I see a bit of particulate on that boxer brief Brennan… You’re gonna have to take those off too!! AmIright?!”

Annywayyyyy… I digress! Books out, back at work, red pen of doom is to the paper and before you know it Serendipity will be in print. YAHOO!

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