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Heatin’ UP!

So…. Portland has pretty much been The Gates of Hell hot this summer. As Northwesterners we enjoy the foggy days, endless rain and suicidal tendencies from not witnessing the sun for nine months straight. So when we get a blazing hot summer as we’ve gotten this year, we complain. A lot. This year the number of days where it has been in the nineties and hundreds (Fahrenheit, people) has been in the 10 multiplier range. As in MONTHS of blistering heat. Personally, I’m so ready for cool weather and rain that upon seeing the rainy forcast for this week, I wept. Or maybe it was a trickle of sweat, I’m not sure.

To turn our frowns upside down (read: melted smiles) I’m giving away The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Amazon Kindle for FREE this month (sorry about the caps, FREE doesn’t get typed any other way here). Taking place in cool springtime Scotland, The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is just what we all need for a heat break. That is until you get to page two-hundred and fifty-four, then it gets HOT. IfyaknowwhatImean!

Mark your calendars! August 27-31!

Preview on Amazon here. 

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