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Goodbye to Facebook

It’s been a long time coming. A long spammy, rights questioning, stalker of a time coming. I’ve broken up with Facebook. Left it. Said goodbye. Hit ‘Delete’. Then ‘Enter’ @ “Are you sure?”.

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook is like a third wheel? After my son was born I noticed it. It was this weird shift that I was stealing moments away from my family to read other people’s status, update my status, then worry about those who were having a hard time. Then worrying that I wasn’t posting enough. I realized some time later that it was consuming too much time out of my day. So I stopped logging in, quit the push notifications and just took a breather. That breather lasted months. And it was nice. Then something weird started happening. Accounts that I’d started, even after I’d unlinked them from Facebook, still posted things from Facebook to me. Websites I’d never been to showed my friends in Facebook in the widget in the corner. It was like I had a stalker. Everywhere I went in the cyber-verse it was there, trying to pull me back in with group mentality: “Everyone else is doing it!” I’m not sure about you, but when I ask someone to go away and they keep showing up like bad penny (drunk ex’s anyone?) I get a little temperamental. So, about the hundreth time that I got a notification from an unrelated app that offered to send an invite to my “Friends” I logged into Facebook. I looked high and low for the delete button. Realized that they hid it. Went to Google. Found the How to Wiki for deleting Facebook accounts. Logged back in. Dug deep. Passed through the center of the Earth. High-fived Frodo throwing the ring into Mordor. Climbed Mt. Everest. Found the delete button. Hit delete. Answered the riddle. Sacrificed a virgin. Solved world hunger and now my account is gone.


I’m no longer of the Facebook world.

You know what’s odd? I feel crazy liberated! As if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Even if this is just temporary until my next book comes out and I decide to start another fan page. I’m glad I did it.

Have you ever felt the need to unplug? Ever done a social media fast?


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