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Synopsis….glug, glug, glug ….

That is the sound of me drowning in my own dread. They’re long and hard (minds out of the gutter people!!) task to accomplish because I have to say everything that happens in the book in just a few short sentences. That’s 57 THOUSAND words condensed to 100. Remember the cover?? Only HARDER.

Ideally this is my standard synopsis that I’d put on every one of my books:
Hot man with troubled past runs into smart and sassy woman who shows him what it means to be loved.

THEN for each book I’d add a qualifier to delineate each book like this:
In this book however the man is a wounded war hero and the woman a high-powered corporate designer.


Sigh. Yes, I will actually have to put on my big girl author pants and write the synopsis. Not everyday can be sex scene writing day!

In the interim we’ve got the first draft of the new cover for Serendipity of Fate. Since our main man is a war hero I thought it especially nice to go a bit patriotic here. Couple making out in a mist of red, white and blue… AWE YA!!

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