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New Cover – Serendipity of Fate

Been working on the edits to Serendipity of Fate (the NaNoWriMo entry we’re dusting up, read it here) and the last thing that needs to be updated is the cover. We used images from the Transformers movies to help fill in the cover, while totally awesome and free advertising for Transformers when it was just a side project to a writing contest, it’s now officially part of the family. With SF getting its own ISBN number and everything it’s time that it also get its own cover that we officially own the copyrights to.

Book covers are hard. They are the cover graphic that surmises the entire book. Like a movie cover or wine label, we put a lot of stock and judgement into them. So, for me they need to be kickass and sometimes that’s too much pressure to put on a person. Especially one who has a toddler and limited time on her hands. So for giggles I just did an image search on Google for “romance novel cover” – ha! BUT …. LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!

Horses don’t occur anywhere in the book and the main character wouldn’t be caught dead holding onto one or standing in ankle deep tide water in white pants (he’d actually say, “What the hell…? Why do I have holes in my damn pants?”). HOWEVER! It’s such a great image of masculinity and power, why WOULDN’T I put that as the cover?? I mean as is, no edits. Okay, I’ll put the title on there, but seriously, I’m done! Cover graphic? FINISHED. Boom! Next problem!

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