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Raffle for Gabaldon Ticket at Newmark Theater in Portland, Oregon

The fabulous Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander.

Why oh why would I raffle a Gabaldon ticket? Weeeeell, long story short I bought three tickets and one friend can’t make it. I know I’ll catch heat from someone in my crew that’s actually dying to go, but as of now I don’t know who that is, so let’s RAFFLE! :0) Keep in mind before you put your name into the hat that you will be sitting next to me and my other Gabaldon loving friend. We’re a wild pair. :0)

Gabaldon speaks tomorrow night (a sold out show, btw) at 7:30p at the Newmark Theater downtown, winner will be given their e-ticket via email (it’s in PDF form) as soon as the raffle is complete (give or take an hour or so, I’ve got a kid now…).

For full event details go to the event page here. Ticket is for Section 1, Balcony Box A (if I’m reading the ticket right).

To enter, fill out the raffle below! Good luck!

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