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Maternity Leave Thru June

Me and the baby unicorn at 9 mos.

I’ve always wondered what authors did when they had a kid. There’s no office to report to or clients to pass off to other coworkers. At some point we just stop working, then at some point pick back up again. I’m at the Just Stop Working point. Mainly because concentrating on any subject for more than 6 seconds is getting very difficult. I suppose it’s the body’s way of preparing for labor, it’s as if it says, “This shit is about to get real, real fast. How’s about we shut that inquisitive brain right down to the awareness of a slug.” With my due date fast approaching and my baby already dropped and ready for flight, I’ll be having this bambino sooner rather than later.

So with my awareness of a slug, I’m putting in my notification for maternity leave now, before I ruin manuscripts and post weird pictures of birthing animals. I’m sure I’ll have updates before this summer when I return, but I make no promises. :0)

Until then, syonara.

PS –  I’ll probably still be blogging on my personal site Go Indie or Go Home if you’re curious as to what I’m up to. 

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