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Snow Day!

Highland snow [image via]

While the snow pours down outside and my husband has absconded with my computer to deliver an online technology workshop (don’t ask why it had to be my computer, something about compatible OS’s…) I’ve got sometime to bring y’all up to speed on books n’ things.

The sequel to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch was speeding along merrily then somewhere near the start of my third trimester the line went dead. I’m not sure why, though I keep hearing things about “pregnancy brain”. I assumed it pertained to memory function but now I know that Pregnancy Brain affects creativity too. It’s sort of like slipping yourself half a Valium and going about your day. I suppose that’s Mother Nature’s way of preparing women mentally for childbirth. If we had all our marbles, the thought of pushing a human out our third hole would single-handedly cause the human population to go extinct. Maybe that’s the real reason Neanderthals don’t exist any more… So, until further notice the sequel to Legend is marinating in my subconscious.

In the mean time, I’m an editing fool. The futuristic love story that I completed (and has had the first round of reviews done), is currently on the operating table. It has sat for nearly six months and coming back to it with fresh eyes I had to send apologies to the people who already reviewed it. First drafts suck and I, for one, create the worst. But, on the up side (beneath all the rust I’ve yet to polish off) it is a rockin’ story that y’all are going to love. There’s no sci-fi in it, just 150 years into the future where the government has changed and our land is barely liveable. The heroine undergoes a massive transformation from the beginning to the end and our hero (Why yes, he is dark, damaged and gorgeous, why do you ask? ;0) ) loses everything and in the end gets his revenge, but not in the way he thought.

Anyway! We’re playing around with titles on that one, Blue Poison, Lapis Revenge, Storm Blue, A Beautiful Death, etc. and the cover. Goal is create and upload them to this here blog, plus a synopsis, before I bear down and birth my baby boy. That due date is somewhere in the middle of April, but betters have me birthing as early as St. Patty’s day. o.O

Upcoming giveaways:  The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, on the Kindle from Feb 13 – 17 in honor of the loooooooove holiday.

Don’t forget I’ve got another month before my NaNoWriMo project comes off the interweb: Serendipity of Fate. Currently it’s free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon.

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