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    I’m Back!! … Well, Sorta

    The website look has been updated, I’ve actually put words to the new manuscript and I have one manuscript in with the editor as we speak. So! I think this means that I’m back to work… Maybe. We’ve hired on a little co-worker. He’s two feet tall and weighs about the size of a small dog food bag. He’s cool most of the time, then other times he vomits, passes out and craps his pants. Most of the time he’s asleep on the job so I can get a bit of work done. Though he’s begun to yell at me when I’m working, wants to show me this, or that.…

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    Meet the Queen

    It was an amazing night with amazing seats! I got to meet one of the greats and it was totally worth it – she’s sweepingly beautiful, entertaining and as a treat we got to meet her daughter who runs a local soup kitchen here in Portland. Who, for the record IS Brianna. :0) …. Meet the Great Diana Gabaldon. Pre-show, in our badass seats! Me holding a copy of Moby (as Diana calls it). Me and Diana. Me trying not to say creepy things or breathe too heavily.