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12 Days of Romance – Day 10

Explicit material below. If you are at work, please don’t read the following chapter aloud.

Author’s note: I’d just like to reiterate at this chapter that this novel was created to compete at the November NaNoWriMo. This means that it is wholly unedited. It also means that I didn’t have the months I’d usually spend on a novel smoothing out its edges and refining the intimate moments. Intimate scenes take me, by far, the longest to create in a novel because they require the most sophistication and dedication to mood and emotion. This following chapter has had only days to cure, so please have a glass of wine before reading, it’ll enhance your experience tenfold. ;0)

Chapter 19 – Love in the Woods

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” came a deep male voice off to her left. She heard the crack then of a branch as he moved through the thicket toward her.

Startled out of her reverie, her heart thrummed instantly, “Stop where you’re at, I have stun gun and will hurt you if you come any closer.”
She heard the man chuckle then say, “I’ve seen the results of that gun. I’ll stop here.”
“Cason you bastard. You scared the pee-wahs out of me.” She said blowing out the breath she had been holding, “Jesus…”
“Does that mean I’m allowed to approach?”

“Sure, I’m charging the stun gun up now, please come and get nice and close.” She said and put a hand to her chest to get her heart rate to calm down.
He moved like a ghost through the trees toward her, flicks of moonlight illuminating the deep blue of his dress uniform like blinks of bright midnight in the dark.
Sophie noticed that his head was up, not needing to look at his feet as he adeptly maneuvered through the thicket. She had a feeling that more than just his old unit had come back that day, rather old skills that he’d tried to forget as well.
“What are you doing out here?” he asked as he got to the nearest tree and stopped.
Sophie felt the shift in him, as if the awkwardness of the patio hadn’t happened and they were just two friends meeting in the woods, “I was just about to ask you the same thing. Sneaking up on unsuspecting women, is my first guess. Or you were hoping to rob me blind and tie me to a tree just for fun?”
He adjusted his stance then said, “The thought had crossed my mind.”
“The sneaking up on you part.”
Sophie readjusted her coat and purse in her arms feeling then the sense of awkwardness return, “Thanks for not giving me more of a heart attack than you already have. I’m glad you actually have a heart in there.”
“I remembered that you do carry a stun gun.”
Sophie smiled and looked down at her toes into the grass as she replied, “I’m still debating on using it on you.”
“That’s why I’m over here.”
Sophie nodded. Cason’s face was in deep shadow, the moonlight only illuminating the lower half of his legs. His silhouette looked as if he were leaning up against a tree with his arms crossed, a stance that defined him.
Feeling the illumination of moonlight on her Sophie looked up and tried to block out Cason’s presence, to get back to that feeling of peace she’d had just moments before. Closing her eyes she took in another deep breath, the silver light of the moon gently brightening her eyelids. The forest was quiet then, just the soft rustle of leaves high above in the canopy, a gentle brush of lacy moss across her collar bone. It was nearly as it had been, only Cason’s presence was like a bright red alert to her brain. He was there, he was watching her, silently. The quiet would make any sane person want to fill it. And he had a lot to fill it with, but he was Cason. And Sophie knew he’d never fill it. He would banter with her until the world ended, but explain or be as in depth with his feelings or thoughts as he was with her in the letters he wrote when at war, he’d never do.
Sophie sighed, giving up on attaining peace. “I’ll leave you to your walk Cason.” Sophie said and turning headed back the way she’d come.
She made it just a few yards before she heard his footsteps behind her.
She stopped and turned back toward him. As she turned he stopped. It was as if the wall between them was physical, “Yes?” she asked.
He was close enough and had stepped into the watery light such that the tick at his jaw was now visible. He was obviously wrestling with something.
When he didn’t speak, Sophie said, “Let me know when you’re ready to talk, in the mean time I’m out—”
“Oh fuck it.” He said and Sophie turned, he came in against her. As his lips closed in on hers, she felt her things fall to the forest floor with a dull thud. Sophie’s mind swirled as the heat of Cason’s need ignited within her.
She felt his wide hand smooth over her waist and his other wrapped around her upper arm. As he came in bodily against her, he gently lifted and pushed her back a few steps and in up against a tree. Its wide moss coated trunk was bent and curved as if to cradle her backside, its rough bark was brushed with moss creating a cushion of flora. The moss’ softness was juxtaposed with the scratch of the bark, its rough surface rubbed Sophie’s exposed skin and through the tender fabric of her dress. A cathartic rendering of both pleasure and pain.
Reason, along with the questions she carried with her earlier, evaporated on the spot. She felt nothing but the internal clawing need for more of him, a pleasurable suffocation of desire.
The bonds that had held Cason back broke and he poured himself onto Sophie with a heated fervor. Sophie felt those waters rush forward and awaiting their arrival met him with an equal and opposite force of her own. She tightened her grip on him and tilted her face up to his as Cason’s lips came down onto hers.
Cason’s groan rumbled in his chest and Sophie slid her hand up from his waist, over his medals of honor and bars of rank to his neck. Her thumb tucked behind his jaw and as their lips parted, she pulled him deeper. Thrusting and tasting each other Sophie let the last of her reservations go and arching into him felt Cason respond. Heavy against her and with one hand at the back of her head, he gripped her rear and pressed himself in tight, revealing the outline of his need.
Sophie felt him through the front of his dress pants, the need of her, the pure unadulterated lust for her made her break the kiss and gasp, groaning, for air.
“Soph,” he said, his breath along her neck, warm and saturating, “I won’t stop…”
Sophie felt that promise in his kisses and gentle drag of his teeth across the top of her shoulder.
“I. I can’t stop.” He finished.
She breathed him in, “I don’t ever want you to.” She whispered back, pulling him in even tighter against her.
Sophie breathed in the sharp smell of his aftershave. She felt his taut body within her arms and let his power wash over her. Let him pin her bodily to the ancient girth of the sycamore behind her. She let him pull her in deeper with him.
As Cason pushed the thin strap of her gown off her shoulder he picked her up with his other and put her back onto a small ledge.
His free hand grabbed a fist full of her dress and yanked it up.
“Oh god, yes.” Sophie hissed.
She tasted along the edge of his jaw, following it to his lips where she and Cason set fire to themselves again.
Her legs free of the constriction of her dress spread open to welcome him against her. Warm wide and solid between her thighs. Groaning, Cason’s hand found the edge of her dress and gripping her naked thigh tipped her back. Softly he thrust against her, the cloth of his dress pants the only material between her and the ridged edge of him.
Their mouths intertwined and tongues delving deep within each other mimicked what their bodies were driving for.
Feeling him give in to her was an intoxicating power surge to Sophie’s insides. Excitement and breathless need swirled thick like warm honey in her belly and into her extremities. Cason had been a force to be reckoned with, a strong brick wall of a man that easily took what she dealt and now was groaning and bodily pleading with her to give him what he desperately wanted. She absorbed his need, his lust and let it fill the dark hole inside of her. A need so strong she could not stop, even if she tried.
The feel of him against her nakedness made her reach down. She had to feel him, feel his skin against hers. To have him fill her physically and deeply. She popped the buckle of his belt and loosening it tried to, with one hand, undo the clasp there.
Her fingers fumbled off the tight clasp until she swore and broke their kiss, “Is this thing super glued shut?”
Cason didn’t say a word but simply unclasped it and the front of his uniform and sliding it inside out tossed it aside with his cap. When he turned back, Sophie’s hand went to his fly and opening it with one hand pushed aside his briefs with her other hand.
As her fingers brushed up against his naked flesh Cason’s breath hitched and he came in hard against her. This time his mouth went to hers as his hand slid up and found the tender space between her thighs.
“You’re. There’s.”
“Nothing, you me and your fingers.” She whispered and gently took his earlobe between her teeth and tugged. As she pulled Cason pushed, his two wide fingers, slipping them up into her.
Sophie’s eyes closed in sensual bliss as his fingers filled her entry making room for its master. She heard some woman’s voice call out in pleasure, and felt her body react pleasantly animistic to Cason’s fingers gently thrusting. His thumb found the small pearl of her womanhood and gently circled pleasure there until she broke from their kiss gasping and moaning for more.
“Please…” she said and arched onto his fingers harder.
Cason pulled back for just a moment and using the angle of her slid himself up to his pelvis into her.
They both cried out as Cason filled Sophie, his flesh diving deep within her filling her with himself. Sophie gripped his hips and held him deep with in her as they both struggled for breath. Slowly, Cason eased back and thrust again. Pleasure built within her like a shock wave of erotic energy forced up from their connection reverberating around her body setting her alight.
Sophie moaned and pulled him in close letting his rocking motion set the pace and pulse of their lovemaking.
As Cason moved within her, the fire and lust that stood between them before, ignited. What started as passionate became a frenzied need of gripping and pulling. Their lips tasted and consumed. The ignition point spread, building into the first shudders of ultimate release.
Cason pushed them rhythmically to the edge then in a gasp and groan thrusted, pushing them over and over into a shuddering orgasm.
Breathing heavily Cason gave a final thrust as Sophie cried out. They nestled there in the crook of the old tree, their skin alight from their love making. Cason brushed the hair back from Sophie’s face and kissed her softly. A gentle touch of his warm lips to hers, a thank you and something else.

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