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So there’s this contest, it’s called NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – and I’m pretty sure ding-dongs like me (professional novelists who are writing novels constantly), aren’t supposed to enter. Its geared toward new writers, ones that are in need of some group cheering to finish that novel they’ve been tinkering with. But, as I prep for a blog post (for another blog) I thought I’d sign up to see what the hoopla is really all about.

Holy cow! This is fun!

It’s like running a 5K where people shout your name and cheer you on… constantly. Brilliant!!! Emails have been rolling in, offering encouragement and suggesting meet-ups where I could interact with other NaNo contestants… Really, the question is how do I get this for the other 11 months out of the year??

As an already published novelist, you might be wondering, what in the world I’m going to do with this novel since there are two others that I’m writing and editing at the moment… and this one is to be crushed out under the pressure of just a month? I’ll tell you, because I thoroughly love a challenge and it’s a great way to release creative energy without the pressure of an outline or the weight of a prior novel. It’s a sketch, it’s also how The Legend of Lady MacLaoch came into being.

So, it’s part experience and part challenge. Part of the perks will be that I’m sharing all of it here with you. Yup. Every last grammatically error driven crappy sentence will be up here for y’all to count my words and keep me honest! Since the goal isn’t to create total Awesome, it’s to hit 50K words (a full novel) by December 1st.

So here are the first steps: I had to name it, name myself (my handle isn’t stellarly creative: authorbeckybanks) and come up with a synopsis. Can I tell you how hard that was to do??? I usually do the book naming and synopsis all right before publication, as in the night before. So, yeah, I’m winging this. Enjoy!

Note the lack of book cover – I’m a bit behind…. :0D

 Because the text above is the size of miniature ants here’s my NaNoWriMo entry novel’s synopsis [11/12/13 Update – I changed Chloe back to Sophie after this post. Had too many ‘C’ names goin’ on]:

Cason McPherson and his childhood friend Ryan Sparling enlisted to the US Army together. Years passed and they served on separate missions until three years later when the US military sent in a ground strike team into the Kandahar Valley. Joined together again they entered the valley but only a handful of men came out. Ryan was not one of them.

Back home, Cason watched as his commanding officer told Ryan’s family of his death. Watched as the mother he had come to see as his own weep and reach for him. While Ryan’s younger sister, stoic and dry eyed stepped back.

Chloe Sparling lost the brother she loved to war and pours herself into her work to hide the pain. But when her mother invites Cason, the man she sees only as the one who had talked Ryan into joining the military, to live with her. Chloe’s resistance and anguish slowly begin to erode at her soul.

Chloe and Cason are forced to face their loss and work together in healing the scars that mar their hearts.

“Hot and passionate story of opposites attracting under anguishing circumstances. A true happily ever after.” – Said No One Ever

[11/04/13 Update] – had to change the title because some other (more famous) novelist already had it, so now, it’s Serendipity of Fate. Yes, it makes no sense, but it’s not already taken! :0D  

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