Nate. You Naughty, Naughty Boy

Nate, he’s hot. As in hot-blooded Italian who is passionate about all things ladies and cars. Today we dive into his character in depth. WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS ABOUT FORGED.

Nate’s tall, broad-shouldered and excellent with his hands. He’s become a wealthy mover and a shaker in the Portland area, but has kept his street smarts – stripes he earned in a life that hadn’t come easy for him.

Wrecked from years of family abuse and a final trauma that put him over the edge, Nate learned early on in life that the only person you could count on was yourself. Especially when life serves you up a giant shit sandwich. Like all bad boys Nate has a jelly (probably grape) filled spot for just one person. The one person who can make him lose his mind like a switch flip.

That switch flip was his best friend growing up, she was there for him through thick and thin. She taught him what it was like to be loved and he taught her how fast cars could go. He didn’t always want to get in her pants, only when she hit high school did he realize that he didn’t want any other boys hands on her. Just his.

Nate, by far, is the most damaged of my “heroes.” He comes into the world as a love child, but those

Nate doesn’t have any tattoos save for his scars, but we can pretend, no? [via]

moments of bliss are fleeting. His childhood is far from lovely. He experiences abuse first hand by both his mother and father (or as we find out, the man he thought was his father) and acts out looking for love. He’s just a kid when the local body shop owner finds him behind the garage trying to start trouble. The shop owner, Martin, takes him under his wing and shows him the ropes as well as what unconditional kindness means.

That rough and tumble beginning coupled with the street smarts he develops and the idiosyncrasies of an abusive and alcoholic household makes him adept at reading people. Only that ability doesn’t help him where his heart is concerned.

But…. it’s a growth experience for him. He learns the hard way that no one but him can pull him from his own darkness. No one but himself will look out for his best interests and it makes him ask, where in this life does he want to be?

He gets his life together and in a strange twist of fate comes into a ridiculous sum of money from his mother. Nate carefully builds his life. He invests in nightclubs, does his research and learns all he can about the white collar world he was suddenly thrust into. Not ever loosing his blue collar roots he makes calculated decisions that pay off, his new high end mechanic shop is one of them. Not ever fitting in with other men who had had money from birth he still keeps his crew of misfits.

Nate and his crew of misfits, we all know who Mikey is. ;0) [via]

All is going well in Nate’s life, things are peacefully easy and he sees himself as being on the right
track. Finally. He’s left his twenties behind and welcomed his thirties as officially the best of his life. He has all he wanted, money, women and hard work.

Then everything changes.

First for the worst. Not all of his demons were behind him. They were simply behind bars. And at the beginning of the story, we discover that his biggest demon is set free. Throughout the story Nate battles with the childhood fears that never left him. The triggers that bring back memories as clear as day, no matter how deep they were buried. No matter how successful Nate could become, he’d always have the man who had regularly beat him within an inch of his life as a child then later would murder his mother and attempt to frame him for it, haunting him. And haunt him, he does.

Then there’s love.

When Eva returns to town, Nate’s problems become compounded. He simultaneously remembers how much he loved her and how much it hurt when she left. Nate tries his best to pour his time and energy into his shop, keep his head down with the mantra, this too shall pass. He avoids it all until he can’t take it anymore. Nate’s wall of emotions had begun to crack when his father was released from prison and like a drug he needs Eva as his fix. He doesn’t want to, tries to keep away from her, but deep within his bones he knows she’s the only woman he’s ever loved and will ever love. Even though he’s careful, life shoves them together and he finds himself soothing his wounds with her balm and adrenaline.

The women Nate lays with are beautiful. Well sculpted and impeccably tanned. They are human Barbies that he enjoys watching. But he’s aggressive by nature, and to be truly satisfied he craves a woman who can keep up with him in everything. Putting a sports car through the ropes on back roads, running a successful business and loving hard are the needs at his core. Eva is his match and as we see in the book she has the strength to go toe to toe with him.

As the book progresses we dive into Nate’s worst fears and live them with him. We watch him go to his knees and beg for mercy when Eva’s life is threatened by his biggest demon of all. We watch as he takes it all head on.

In the end Nate gets everything he’s wanted and then some. He’s had to fight for it, but true love is finally his in the end.

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