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Guest Post: Tina Gayle on Pregnancy Romance

Just a quick introduction before I let Tina take it away. Tina Gayle, fellow author and co-sponsor of the Halloween Scavenger Hunt with NOR, specializes in a sub-genre of romance that I currently find fascinating. Currently, I’m several months pregnant with my first child and am seeing the world a touch differently than I did just a handful of months prior. My belly is getting larger, I breath heavier and when I sit down to work I sit down with characters who aren’t pregnant. That is why Tina Gayle’s series of pregnancy romance books intrigued me. I may not feel sexy right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a romantic fantasy and what better fantasy than that of a woman who’s pregnant too?

Without further ado, here’s author Tina Gayle with her blog post called Love Those Babies.

One of the most popular sub-genres of romance happens to be stories written about women with children or women who are pregnant.

The struggles of bring a child into the world is one of things that connect women. The nine months of carrying the baby, child birth, trying to deal with nightly feedings, diapers, change in hormones, etc. Every woman who has gone through it has a story and those that haven’t want to know what to expect.

Yes, but why put it in a romance?

The natural progression of a loving relationship is to create a new life. That is not to say that people who don’t want kids aren’t in a loving relationship.

In my first book, “Pregnancy Plan,” my heroine wants children. Yet, she isn’t married and not involved with anyone. She is will to go to any extremes to conceive a child.

I believe other women know this pain. When I was single, I wanted a child too. I gave myself a deadline of thirty. If I hadn’t met someone and gotten married, I planned to look into other options for bringing my child into the world.

In my case, I was married and had two children by the time I was thirty.  However, women who want a child have a choice. They can have a child on their own and raise it themselves.

A romance novel is as much about the relationship with a man as it is about the challenges that face women. In my book “Baby Decision,” my heroine has to choose between having a baby and college. While in “Summer’s Growth,” my heroine is just trying to find where she belongs. In some ways, every romance also addresses women issues. It connects women readers to the story and creates a deep story in which to enjoy.

For this reason, I believe babies in romance novel draws the reader into the story and create a great read.
Thanks Becky for inviting me to your blog today.
Tina Gayle
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