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Book Blowout!

I’ve been watching too much TV lately, with all those car commercials and Labor Day sales going on all I could think of to call our massive giveaway this weekend was ‘blowout’, because it’s gonna be a big one!

Forged is taking the lead for the giveaway weekend starting today going through Sunday then joining it is The Legend of Lady MacLaoch on Friday and going through Monday.

Fun part? Forged has a new cover (!) and as an ebook, it’s officially a second edition (!!) – we made some minor conversation updates and a few changes to the dialog between Nate and Eva here and there. I know some folks wanted it longer, but save for three or four words hither and tither it’s the same length. However, there is a big change coming – the ebook will be carried by Kobo starting Tuesday (!!!) and in the coming weeks the NOOK. So tell your friends their sexy reading options are about to improve!! 

 Today through Sunday (8/29/13 – 9/01/13) Forged ebook is free via Amazon

Friday through Monday (8/30/13-9/02/13) The Legend of Lady MacLaoch ebook is free via Amazon:

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