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Work Update

This is what tearing apart a manuscript looks like. I use pink so it doesn’t look like it’s bleeding… much. #iamwriting

Just a quick update to let y’all know that my latest manuscript is off at the editor as we speak! Beta review has already come back and I think… we’ve got another heart pounder!! *swoons*

Right now we’ve begun the stage of, what shall we call this thing. No, for realz, what do we call this thing because EPA Agent just doesn’t have that ring. Once we have edits back we’ll start getting story blurbs up here and put the title to a vote!! I LOVE polls!! :0D

Stay tuned!

PS – here’s a few pictures from my recent camping trip… just so you know where I get some of my ideas from. :0)

Looking down the beach toward Florence, Oregon.

Freshwater spring coming right out of the ground – so pretty!

The stream heading toward the ocean in the distance.

Octopus eggs (I’m not sure what species – anyone know??) knocked loose and washed up on shore.

Magnificent green cliffs – this is the reason I love Scotland and Oregon so much.

Thirty degrees warmer and this could be home on Maui!!


  • itlnbrt

    Wow, you're so organized with your MS. You should give us a post on what your writing process is like. I could learn a few things (or a million). 🙂

    Beautiful pics.

  • Becky Banks

    OMG you are so awesome! You think I'm organized! <3 <3 <3

    I'll totally write a post on my writing process. I have to say that the one thing that has made me organized is using Scrivener – such a great writing software. A little hard to break the MS Word habit at first, but now I can't think of using anything else.

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