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Love Your (Used) Bookstore

Portland’s Title Wave Used Bookstore.

OK. I don’t mean to brag (read: all I’m about to do is brag) but here in Portland, Oregon we are blessed with a plethora of bookstores, both used and new. Sure we have a B&N and sometimes they have the books your looking for but they’re corporate so they stock their shelves according to a corporate plan, with little local flair. I’m talking about the Annie’s Blooms Books, the Second Glance Books, the Powell’s Bookstore, etc. All independently owned an operated. Powell’s spoils us the most though, the downtown store has layer after layer, story after story, room after room, filled with books. They hand you a map at the front of the store so that you don’t get lost going from the Pink room to the Purple room all in an attempt to find the bathroom because you’ve been there all day.

Being a writer, I love books. I love all aspects of it. Paper, ink, craft. As a kid I used to dig the crisp sheets of printer paper out of the trash and save them. Bills and statements on nice paper? Saved ’em. I had piles at one point, stacked hither and tither because I couldn’t bear to see such luscious blank paper be unceremoniously lumped in with banana peels and broken glass at the dump. I think I only got rid of them when recycling services finally showed up on Maui. My precious paper reincarnated? Yes, I could part with them then. And I did only because my mother threatened to incinerate them if I didn’t.

So, as our home basement remodel project rages on (see the latest post on my personal blog, Go Indie or Go Home) we have been forcefully evicted (the convo went something like this, me: “Spray foam? It’s not that toxic, we can stay in the house.” contractor: “No.” me: “Why? We did it last time.” contractor: “I wasn’t here last time, please stay out of the house.” me: “I don’t see–” hubby: “We’ll leave.”) from our house which also serves as our office. We hit the streets heading to our nearest library (did you know you can rent ANY book you want from these places?? I swear, I love these library things!) where WiFi is cheap and the atmosphere is studious only to find that we’ve cut their funding and now they only open at 11am. So, lost and looking for an alternative, we wandered until I remembered that Multnomah County (Portland Metro area’s county) has a used bookstore called Title Wave Used Bookstore.

The  view over the top of my laptop today… the romance novel section, well within view.

Hardbacks for $1.50… *groan* I’m probably not going have my $5 in my pocket when I leave here today.

Not only does this fabulous bookstore have WiFi for my hubby and I to use to work today, but the atmosphere is studious and while I work, I’m surrounded by books…. glorious, glorious books. All for 75 cents (paperbacks) to $1.50 (hardcovers). I even found 50 Shades of Grey for $1.00 (and I don’t feel at all bitter that I ridiculously paid $9.99 for the Kindle version…), I’d have a picture here to prove it but as I’ve typed this the book has been snapped up.

Surrounded by books, I think this is the perfect opportunity to work on my mini-romance novel project: The Librarian. Or blow my last $5 on trashy romance novels.

Awe ya! 75 cents baby!


  • Becky Banks

    Awe thank you!
    And I hear, since my discovery, that all libraries have a store that they shuck their used surplus books to, to sell – so totally worth looking into in your area. :0)
    Yup, total heaven, I'm already plotting my return!


  • Becky Banks

    You're very welcome Sebrina! When you make the trek in, be sure to stop by VooDoo donuts for a crazy sugar treat. Donuts and cheap books make for an awesome day. ;0)

    Any used bookstores in Gresham we should know about?

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