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Since publishing my last two books I’ve been loathe to write anything on this blog about what I’m currently writing about (that seemed oddly circular…), since it is a touch like changes in the weather. You see, I’m a pantser-type writer, I write what comes to me. Luckily in the Indie book world that is acceptable (a traditional publisher would have cancelled my contract by now) so in one book I can write about lovers in Scotland with some paranormal action thrown in, and in the next a contemporary love action/thriller story that takes place in the US. Of course they all have one awesome thing in common – a kickass love story (and vivid baw-chicka-bow-wow scenes). However, it’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’m currently working on, so let’s pull back the curtain, shall we?

As of right now, I’ve got the sequel to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch doing what I like to call “marinating.” While it is being saturated in creative juices I wrote the beginning of a cute love story involving a tattooed PhD student studying sexual behavior in humans and a research librarian (oh ya, you’ll love this one!). Then three weeks ago, in the midst of juggling those two manuscripts, a story bug came up and bit me. Sort of imagine it as having your mouth full of a succulent juicy burger then someone offers you a hot tot slathered in ketchup or a piece of cake with an offering of warm just-from-the-oven brownie. Your mouth is full, but you just make room. You know?

A couple years ago I got the idea for a futuristic book involving the EPA (on steroids) and a defunct government. I actually made an outline and shelved it with my other up and coming story ideas. That was, it was shelved until a couple weeks ago when it jumped off my shelf, shoved all my other manuscripts aside and juiced me with enough Creative to crank out a new novel in a couple weeks time. Needless to say, I’m in full creative mode, I barely shower, or change out of my jammies to write. I slip the head phones on and pound out the scenes that come at me in swift, vivid imagery.

So far the manuscript is hot. The two main characters are ripped apart then shoved back together a decade later, a hundred years in the future. The US is but a shadow of what it is today, corporate entities have overrun the government and from an environmental standpoint the water isn’t drinkable, the air is thick with industrial particulates and the soil is barely able to hold crops. Of course, in the midst of this dire backdrop come two individuals that are at the leading edge of it all, they are the key to saving EVERYONE. Yeah, I love being a fiction writer. :0) Needless to say, this one will be just as hot as Forged with a little bit of Legend’s sweetness. Trust me y’all will love General Monroe McIntyre, dark, lethal and only a single weakness… chocolate chip cookies. Ha-ha no, really, his dead wife is his Achilles Heel, but is she really dead??

The manuscript for this book in the final stages, I’ll be writing the ending this coming week then taking the following weeks to do what I call, “smoothing the edges.” A rough draft of a manuscript is a scary place, it makes sense to only the writer. So once I complete a manuscript I smooth the edges, or rather make it readable to people other than myself. Then I’ll try to get a blurb up for y’all. Exciting!!

Then, never fear, I will finish The Legend of Lady MacLaoch II, and it will be gooooooood. Sometime after April I should have little snippets for y’all to read. Currently, in the story, Cole has met an interesting relation in an ancient church/burial ground and has walked in on Rowan getting chummy with an old female colleague….. WHAT?! Yeah I know, I can’t wait to read it too!!  :0D 

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