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Death and Taxes


Lordy lordy it’s good to be alive! And healthy-ish. Just got over the plague. Seems like February is the breeding grounds for viruses and I got two. I catch a cold about once a year, but this year it seems that my time had come for contracting two illnesses back to back. Fun! So, what’s a girl to do when she’s on her back and can’t move? Well besides that… Yup, watch the shit out of some TV!

Here’s my laundry list of shows & movies that I want to subject you to:

BBC’s version of Emma

Probably my favorite version of Emma. Four episodes and like all good Jane Austen movies, not enough nudie scenes!


Addicting and I liken it to watching a train wreck. You can’t look away.


One word: Fun! Oh, and yes, he was also first my Captain before he was my Castle.

Alaska State Troopers

Take crazy people, put them in everyday adverse conditions of Alaska, then throw in some badass law bringers. Awesome.

Re-runs of Bones

Rewatching… again.


Watched this for research purposes. Was Brad Pitt really all that hot in this movie? Answer: yup.

Hunger Games

Rewatching the awesomesauce. Which btw, how is this book and movie geared for YA? Granted, Tarantino didn’t direct it, but still. Actually, could you imagine if he did??

Then to balance all that raw carnage out I watch Family Guy, like it’s going out of style. Who am I kidding, I’m watching it? It’s already out of style.

Love it!!

Then to top off all that movie watching and sickness, it’s tax time again. Turns out last year I filed my taxes wrong (leave it to a writer to f-up numbers) and have to file an amendment before filing this year’s taxes. Luckily I have a tax adviser now, so things are lookin’ up! Woot!

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