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Welcome to Forged Fridays! Today we go on a visual tour of Forged’s luscious four-wheeled transportations: BMWs, Peugeots and Aston Martins, oh my! As many of you know Forged is one part dark, moody romance one part fast and furious, combining speed and adrenaline for a high-octane thrill ride.

The car that starts all the shenanagans in Forged is a BMW 540i. As you know (or will find out!) it belongs to our heroine, Eva. Eva, having grown up with fast cars but never one of her own, gets a taste for nice things when she’s out making a name for herself in New York. Once she moves back to the Portland area to help her father she has for the first time both the need to drive and the money to buy something nice. So, she treats herself to a used BMW like the one below, inspired by my own purchase of a similar model. Great car, but it also comes with its own set of issues. Which was just the setting we needed for a woman to meet an exboy car mechanic. One such issue is an unexpected engine conk-out in her driveway. I consulted my mechanics on the hows and whys, first the hubby then my BMW mechanic at Pro-Tek Automotive and I went with a short in the wiring harness. It’s very rare to have wiring harness issues, but they do make for good theatrics. The other option, and more common, is that the code in the chip in the key fob miscommunicates with the one in the car (wheel column I believe) thus making motor quit as an anti-theft mechanism. However, with that option Nate couldn’t be elbow deep in Eva…s car. :0) 

I digress.

Eva’s initial car problem starts with a leaking rear door which is constantly bombarded with the abundant Portland rain, she takes it to the mechanic her assistant, Jenny, recommends. Only that man is the one man whose history she’s intimately familiar with, Nate.

Here’s a version of Eva’s car:

Eva’s car: BMW 540i, small block V-8 with 320 ft.lbsf of torque = zippy. [via]

Here’s what Nate’s expression probably looked like when she rolled in:

Eva’s assistant had been striving to find someone knowledgeable to help her with her ’77 Peugeot, which Nate describes at one point in the book as being “reliable as the goddamn weatherman.” The ’77 Peugeot in the US is a collector’s type of car, they are not widely available and arrive here only by enthusiastic owners who move here or ship them here. So to find a mechanic who is knowledgeable enough to work on it is a chore, making Jenny ecstatic when she discovers that Nate’s shop can fix it. The idea that Jenny would drive a Peugeot was inspired by a coworker I had many years ago that had a vintage Opal sports car, which yes she drove to work daily in, and yes she had offers weekly from men to buy it off of her. I give you rare yet adorable ’77 Peugeot:

Jenny’s car: ’77 Peugeot. Cute! But as reliable as the weatherman. [via]

Then, of course, there’s Nate. Nate being a wealthy and well-connected car guy running the top European import shop in the city – has many automobiles at his disposal. We’ll cover just two of the cars in the book that he loans and drives. Nate loans out to Eva his 2-door coupe, the BMW 330ci. Sporty, fun and not too ostentatious. As you can see below you can park it by a trash heap and people won’t even notice. :0)

Car 1 of Nate’s: BMW 330ci.

Now for the main show. The car shown below is the star of the book, the one Nate drives the majority of the time in the story. Having a roster of clients that include owners of $500,000 sports cars, Nate is a prime target for local dealerships to get their luxury vehicles in front of potential buyers. The DB9 is a demo car and a great conversation piece with his clients, plus it’s a perfect tool for Nate to do what he does best: pick up the fine ladies. That is until a special someone bombs back into his life. 

The Aston Martin is British in origin and made its world splash by being the preferred car of one special super-secret 007 agent. Meet the Aston Martin DB9.

Car 2 of Nate’s: Aston Martin’s DB9. Six liter V-12, 440 ft.lbf of torque = 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Blow-your-mind fast. [via]

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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