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    *CAUTION*This post contains explicit content. You’re welcome. :0) Chapter 21 – Follow-up The flap and squeak of bats in the upper rafters of the old colonial woke Cason. Dawn had just broken on the horizon and the small black residents were returning home. He lay there on the cot listening to them, their flap and rustle echoed in the empty upper floor. It was a game between he and they on where they kept their entrance, he would find it eventually. Most likely, he thought, at the next storm. His mind began to shed the grogginess of sleep, even though it was Saturday and allowed to sleep in, his mind…

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    Chapter 20 – Fallout Sophie laid in her bed looking up at the dark ceiling. Her body memorizing the event that consumed her every thought since it happened earlier. Cason. Cason coming to her, and his rough hands touching her in ways she’d never realized she wanted to be touched. Casey, had been wrong, sometimes a good rough bout with a strong man against a tree was just what the soul needed. Thinking of the way he’d filled her, had kissed her and eventually given himself to her had her smiling and turning over onto her side. She couldn’t wait to see him again. Tomorrow, he’d be there at her…

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    *CAUTION* Explicit material below. If you are at work, please don’t read the following chapter aloud. Author’s note: I’d just like to reiterate at this chapter that this novel was created to compete at the November NaNoWriMo. This means that it is wholly unedited. It also means that I didn’t have the months I’d usually spend on a novel smoothing out its edges and refining the intimate moments. Intimate scenes take me, by far, the longest to create in a novel because they require the most sophistication and dedication to mood and emotion. This following chapter has had only days to cure, so please have a glass of wine before reading,…

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    Chapter 18 – Gala The day of the honoring gala had arrived. Instead of directions to a downtown hotel, the gala was taking place at the country club on the ritzy side of town. It was nestled on thirty acres of prime golf land and manicured woodlands. The gardens were just as notorious as the wealthy families that frequented the place. Sophie was glad she’d decided to take her mother’s advice and wear a gala worthy dress. It was dark as blood and thin as rain against her skin. She opted for the lighter fabric to keep her cool, since the nights they’d been having had been humid with southern…

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    Chapter 17 – Skeletons The search had been futile. Sophie worked her projects and in between haunting the work sites of Cason’s construction company. He wasn’t due back to work until the next week, taking a full two weeks off from the doctor’s recommended one. The first had gone by and well into the second she kept up the search. None of his coworkers had heard from him, but they all had promised to call to keep her updated. She had a feeling, they knew where he was and agreed it was stupid to keep it from her, but they wouldn’t give it up. Sophie stopped by that evening to…

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    Chapter 16 – Cason Goes The next morning greeted Sophie with a sore back and morning light streaming through her front windows. She stretched and kicked off her blankets reaching for her phone on the coffee table, it read six AM on the dot. She lay back again and put her arm over her eyes. The night before had been an experience and a half, it would be interesting, she thought, if Cason remembered any of it. Why he thought that they were married and she, carrying his baby, she had no idea. It could be repressed feelings for her, but he played the bad guy in her life so…

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    Chapter 15 – Operation The operation room was sterile, the equipment was set and laid out to the side. The anesthesiologist was milling about with Dr. Mathers as they made small talk with Cason. “Alright, we’re going to get started Cason. When you wake up, you’ll be a new man.” Cason saw Dr. Mathers face crinkle into a smile under his mask. The anesthesiologist, a woman Dr. Mathers age, stood over him, “Ready?” At Cason’s nod she placed the mask over his face and asked him to count backwards from one hundred. Cason knew the drill, it wasn’t his first op, and instead of numbers he simply thought of Sophie.…

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    Chapter 13 – Garage & Chapter 14 – Mathers Sophie headed down the hall to the garage. Halfway there her stomach did a gentle flip-flop. She ignored it and tossed the door open then closed it again. Cason looked up from where he stood at the front of the car, the hood up and a greasy item in his hand. “What do you want?” he asked looking back down again then bent over the engine compartment. “Awe.” Sophie said resting her hip against the side of the car. The garage was an older one car shelter that narrowly held her mother’s sedan and the plethora of tools and storage boxes.…

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    Chapter 12 – Casey Blabs Sophie thought that if the sun could take just one day off, it should have been that morning. Just one day where it could be pitch black so that her eyes didn’t feel like they were burning holes into her cranium. Taking two ibuprofen was proving to not be enough for her hangover. Still in her rental car Sophie mused that the entire bottle of Malbec imported from Argentina was good. Too good, and if she’d gone to get a car as well, she would have rented a car anyway. Just to make sure she didn’t toss her cookies at the new leather smell. Sophie’s…