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Where for art thou Becky?

Hellllloooooo!!! Here I am! Missed MacLaoch Wednesday’s yesterday?? It’ll be back next week and will be getting a new look, stay tuned for those changes next week.

Just wanted to put in a little blurb on what we’re doing over here at Becky Banks Writing Headquarters. We’re busy prepping The Legend of Lady MacLaoch for it’s surprise giveaway on July 4th. We had loads of fun giving it away for its 1 year birthday back in May and decided to do it again for Independence Day on appropriately, MacLaoch Wednesday. :0)

Also in the news, the first round of edits on Forged are due back shortly meaning that by early next week we’ll have a date for when you can get it in your hot little hands. It also means that I’ll be receiving MASSIVE edits and will be drinking excessively to cope with all the red marks on its pages.

While the Forged manuscript is off being edited for your reading pleasure I’ve been writing like mad on the next book. Its been an interesting experience because unlike my other two novels this one isn’t a pantser. I’m not – for some odd reason – writing it by the seat of my pants, I’ve outlined and created character profiles … Which obviously means I’m deathly ill and need to have my head examined. Or it means that this planned spy-romance series will have more complexity than anything else I’ve written? Or, I’ve put my grown-up pants on and am finally writing a real book. ;0)

That’s it for now, and those following the tomato plant saga we have just a few more blossoms but no actual fruit . . . I blame the weather. Not the fact that I’ve stuffed a tomato plant into a sack and hung it upside down. No, definitely couldn’t be that.

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