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MacLaoch Wednesday HIJACKED!

Fun image no? :0) This is work by Kassandra

Today we’re hijacking MacLaoch Wednesdays to butt in with the new book, Forged. I’m going through withdrawls right now as I gave it to the editing team last week Friday. I find myself listless and rummaging around the house and the neighborhoods looking for trouble – which come to find out the latter is full of kids off from school doing exactly what I’m doing – so what am I going to do about it? WRITE.

Before I jump into writing the next book – yes the NEXT, and it’s called Regan Manning who is a kick ass spy who comes from a troubled past and falls in love with an unsuspecting FBI agent – I need to write about the fits I’ve been having over the current cover for Forged. Forged is a spunky, dark, humorous, high octane thriller and the current cover is too … too … I don’t know what – literary?? It currently exudes a very deep assistance but very PLAIN.


It’s cool in it’s own reflected light sort of way, and will pack a wallop to the unsuspecting reader – because they think “Oh, what a lovely plain book.” *she reads the first chapter* “Oh my goodness what strong language!” 

So with a bee in my bonnet I whipped up this DRAFT cover. Ideally I would love to do a big cover reveal but the last cover was like: here ya go, here’s a plain white peice of paper with the word forged on it then I folded it in half when the ink was still wet for a cool affect. Cool huh?     No.

Ready? You sure? Ready? Okay, here’s the super duper crazy rough draft, as in that photo probably won’t be the real photo used. (Oh and do you like that photo? Go check out the artist’s website – Kassandra creates pure eccentric awesome: click here) While the photo probably won’t be used it does gives you the general idea of where we’re going with it. Lead Peer Reviewer Annie of The Small Book Blog loves it – right Annie?? *nervously bites fingernails that are too short from all the biting to really bite at*

DRAFT cover for Forged… this version is growing on me. :0)



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