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In case you were wondering . . . Spring is here!!! Spring has finally arrived here in the Northwest, the Irises are blooming, the invasive blue bell things are floriferous, roses are peaking out their first colors, and I bought a tomato.

You know it’s officially Spring in the Northwest when I show up with a tomato. I take no chances and wait to the last frost (and beyond – just to be safe) before thinking of heat loving plants. This year though I’m doing something different with my tomato plant. I’m only doing one. Gone are the years of four different varieties that all produce 4 measly little fruits. No, this year I purchased one and planted it upside down.

Why is it upside down you might ask? Well, supposedly it’ll produce more tomatoes, but anyone with a lick of biology knows that whether it’s upside down or upside right the plant will grow upright and it’s roots down (has to do with the pull of gravity… if you were wondering). But having it out of the cool soil means that the roots will be warmer, yielding more tomatoes? Let’s gamble and say yes. Though my father who’s a farmer, no doubt is shaking his head wondering how his daughter got to be such a yahoo. Anyway, I believe that this new setup had better will produce loads of succulent savory heirloom tomatoes before November, I’ll even gamble to say that in August I’ll be making salsa from it’s fruits!  *fingers crossed*

Either way we shall see, I’ll post more over the coming months so you can become obsessed with this project too. :0)


Spring in mah garden:

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