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MacLaoch Wednesday

This Sunday, download The Legend of Lady MacLaoch for FREE on your Kindle. 

Sunday, May 27th | The Legend of Lady MacLaoch | FREE

As far as birthday celebrations go I feel like the one year mark is a pretty awesome one. It’s the moment you realize that it’s been a complete twelve months since you embarked on a life starting journey. This Sunday, May 27th marks the one year anniversary of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch’s birth into the world.

With the celebratory occasion of turning one I thought we’d go a little crazy and just give away the book for a day. Yup, I’m gonna give the book away as a party favor to the world. There is a catch though. First you have to make sure you’re on the guest list. Only those with a Kindle (or Kindle app!) are allowed into this party – yeah, it’s one of THOSE parties. ;0) Then as you head over to the Kindle store on Amazon you have to sing happy birthday to The Legend of Lady MacLaoch (the singing is important!). Then simply download. Easy. Like cake!

So mark your calendars Sunday (May 27th) from 12AM to 11:59PM The Legend of Lady MacLaoch will be FREE on the Kindle. 


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