Le Beach

I’m baaaaaaaack!! Yesterday’s poetry monday was on vacation – apologies to all those who were hanging around waiting for their weekly dose of prose to discover that it was never coming. I am sorry and hope that you are able to sleep better tonight with the poetic list of pictures I’m about to force upon you. 

The past four days had me luxuriating on the coast of Oregon in a fluke of warm southern california type weather. And as a Maui girl, I’ll tell you there were a couple moments where I could close my eyes and it felt like I was home again. Bliss!! 
So without further ado – PHOTOS!!! 
View the first night in Oceanside, OR fr our deck.
Tidepools! At Agate beach.
Mr. Starfish in said tidepool
Olivine crystal washed and buffed smooth within rock. Cool!
Lighthouse! Still works too. 
Last sunset – beautiful!

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