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Rowan and Cole Do it AGAIN!!

Illustration by Hoang Nguyen from Diana Gabaldon’s The Exile

For all of you loyal fans who want more, more MORE Rowan MacLaoch and our leading lady Cole. Your prayers have been answered. Posted TODAY for the first time EVER is the deleted love scene between Cole and Rowan. Cole has returned home to South Carolina with Rowan and stands amid her family’s peach orchard when he comes for her. It’s hot, humid and worth every second.

The fabulous Amy of The Lady Reader Bookstuff is hosting this love fest today as her A-Z Challenge post. I think it’s the best challenge post today, but leave her some sugar in her comment box and tell her that I’m not the only one that thinks so. :0)

Cheers and happy reading.

PS – she is also hosting a book giveaway – so if you still haven’t snagged a paperback copy of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, this is another chance to!


  • Becky Banks

    Thanks Annie for the comment!! Yes, that scene would be good for an anniversary edition wouldn't it?? Someone suggested a Christmas special, wouldn't that be cute? Only it wouldn't be as hot in the orchard at that time… hummmm. Anniversary special it is!

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