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MacLaoch Wednesday

Image of Skye from Highland Explorer Tours

Today’s post is for all the new readers of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch. We went on tour last month to Portree, a small town on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Portree is the real life town that the fictional Scottish town, Glentree (from the book), is based upon.

One thing I wanted to spend more time on during the slideshow was the Ben Tianavaig Bed & Breakfast. This great B&B on the cliffs of Portree is run by the very animated couple, Bill and Charlotte. Check out their website in the above link and find them on Facebook for great Skye updates, such as the weather, local music, and other local Portree things of interest.

Bill and Charlotte are a dynamic duo that made such a deep impression that I felt it was pertinent to have them play a large role in the novel. Do note that while staying with them Charlotte did NOT set me up with her nephew, nor do I think she has one that would be so obtuse as Fletcher is. . . or maybe she does. . .

In the slideshow you’ll be taken on a tour of the MacLaoch stomping grounds and a visual interpretation of who Rowan is. Though, it’s only one interpretation, he it seems, has a different interpretation for everyone of my readers. The REAL Rowan is out there somewhere. For those who’ve read in my past interviews you know that he’s based loosely on the bartender at the hotel I had drinks at in Portree. Alas, I didn’t think of it at the time to get his photo – so we’ll just have to our imaginations. ;0)

Without further ado, here is an encore of the MacLaoch scenic tour:

NOTE: The following tour will take you to a slideshow, click the forward arrow at the bottom to take it at your own pace. I’d not recommend the “play” arrow unless you only have 10 seconds to watch the whole thing. :0)


  • Janey

    Oh Becky, that slide show is fantastic. It really gave me a better visual of the book which I want to read again! Can't wait for your future books – you are awesome!

  • Becky Banks

    Thanks Janey!! Isn't that the great things about books and movies – we can relive the adventure over and over! As for the BeckyB adventure, Forged will be out this year so you'll have another luscious adventure soon!


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