Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The corned beef has been bought along with the new potatoes and cabbage. Brew has been acquired, Guinness for the Irish-Carbomb cupcakes (thanks to Lisa at Her Book Self who turned me on to those), Boulevard’s Irish brew for drinking, and although Jameson is the whiskey of St. Patrick’s day we’ll be imbibing with a much older and wiser whiskey this year. His name is Bushmills Black Bush Irish whiskey, established in 1608. Of course the bottle we will be drinking was unearthed just yesterday at the liquor store, and not much older than my nephew, but still, very good. :0)

For those who are in the Portland or even Oregon vicinity, please get   a cab to take you to the Highland Stillhouse today. The Highland Stillhouse is everything Irish this weekend and has an amazing array of whiskeys for you to taste as well as live music and delicious food (their bread pudding? Eat it.) 
The Highland Stillhouse is where several friends and I were introduced to Bushmills (and for those who’ve read the acknowledgments of The Legend of Lady MacLaoch you know the place and Mick are high on my list of favorite things!), while most whiskey folks have heard of Bushmills all their lives, I’ve only just discovered my love affair with this Irish whiskey. I won’t dive into whether or not it’s my favorite whiskey/whisky of all time because that would take up more of my morning than I’m willing to give. :0) But because I’m here to entertain you, the picture below is of what can happen at a Bushmills tasting at the Highland Stillhouse. Note the woman I’m coddling (while not completely sober) is my mother. :0) 
Happy St. Patrick’s Day – have fun and be safe!

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