ebook,  The Legend of Lady MacLaoch

FREE for Amazon Prime

In a midnight decision we’ve done something pretty awesome with The Legend of Lady MacLaoch (those of you with an iPad – sorry mom – and a Nook – sorry Kate) won’t agree but for all those with Kindle, especially Amazon’s Prime membership you’ll be jumping for joy.

The Legend of Lady MacLaoch is currently free for Amazon Prime members. What does this mean? It means if you have a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime customer you want to download The Legend of Lady MacLaoch for free. Like the ads say, buy now ’cause you don’t know when this gravy train’s gonna pull away from the station. :0) Er, or something like that.

Enjoy my gift to you, Amazon Prime people. The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, FREE.

All other Kindle users (like myself) y’all gotta pay 99 cents. Yeah, I know, bank breaking. :0)


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