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Every now and again I subscribe to the school of “cart before the horse” or “ready, fire, aim” and I’ve done it again. I’ve gotten myself into a pickle. So you know, there’s this awesome blog tour that’s coming up (shameless commerce division: click here) and we’ve got custom flamingo bag with the tour dates entombed right on the side. . .  Well right before I sent the graphic off I had a brilliant idea – expand the tour! I decided to expand the tour by two days into the weekend. I planned to use those two days to blog hop to Scottish or whisky sites as an actual armchair tour of Scotland.

AFTER I changed the dates on the graphics and entombed them on the side of the prize bag I went out seeking a Scottish blog. It’ll be easy for sure, right?

Well, the dude I had in mind (and don’t laugh) BLOCKED me on twitter! I hope it was just a slip of the finger on his smartphone that caused that (because really how do you seek ME out to block, ME out of your 44,000 other followers – sure I’m special, but not that special) but either way I suddenly became disenchanted with that fellow. And after a quick view of his ratty website and his cluster-bombed-with-ads blog I decided he did me a favor.

Then, I did an emergency search on Google for an appropriate blog and found none. Not that the search turned up zero, just that they were all related to some large corporation, or were run by monkeys with the flare for mega tons of Google ads. It also made me realize how spoiled I am that all the bloggers I know give a damn about what their blog looks like. Most of the ones I had run across found two buttons when they started blogging “new post” and “earn money by adding advertising”. And as we say in the marketing world, content is king my friends. Content is king.

So what is BeckyB to do? I’m gonna use my call a friend option. So keep an eye on your inbox, twitter feed and what ever else it is that has us connected, because I’m comin’ a callin’.

PS – if you’re reading this and know someone who runs a Scotland/Scottish blog email me at beckybanksonlineATgmailDOTcom

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