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Fun Facts: Jenny Geddes

Thank you Wikipedia.

Cruising the internet can unearth all sorts of fun facts – one that surfaced today was the history of a one, Jenny Geddes.

For those of you stateside you’ll probably never have heard of Jenny Geddes, though if you have you know her to be an interesting blip on the historic radar.

Let me take you back to the 1600’s and lets travel to Edinburgh Scotland and arrive at St. Giles Cathedral. Its during mass and the minister is pushing a new prescribed prayer book – to the dismay of his congregation – called the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

Folks are outraged (for more than just this; it isn’t the first time they’ve had things forced prescribed to them) Jenny, in a righteous state of indignation, picks up her stool and hurls it at his head. I’m thinking she had a point to make, and this was it (thank you Wikipedia):  

“De’il gie you colic, the wame o’ ye, fause thief; daur ye say Mass in my lug?” meaning “Devil cause you severe pains in your abdomen, false thief: dare you say the Mass in my ear?”.

That translation is nice, but I think if she said it today it would be more like: “Devil give you colic–the whole lot of you! You two-faced bastard! You dare say the Mass to me?!” *whips stool* 

This act of course started a riot which led to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which included the English Civil War.

Read more about Jenny here.

As they say: well behaved women rarely make history. :0)

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